Lady Autumn
by Gay Williford

Her attire—
     a delight to the eyes
     flaming dresses of red,
     ochres and golds,
     gowns that glimmer
     shimmy and sashay
     maples and aspens
     adorning hillsides
     in high fashion

Her voice—
     sensuous, luring
     Marlene Dietrich deep
     sometimes a whisper
     sometimes a whine
     at storm volume
     a deafening roar
     whipping through trees
     stripping off leaves

Her attitude—
     brisk, playful
     cavalier, indifferent
     her visit temporary
     teasing with a beauty
     she won't let us keep
     loaning a brief splash
     of brilliant shades
     to our blah and ho-hum
     which she then rubs out
     in a cold flurry
     before departing
     with a sassy shrug!


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