Leaving Hallstatt ~ photo credit: Sharmagne Leland-St.John

Austrian Retreat
by MFrostDelaney

The water–deepest blue and breath-held still
reflecting buildings nestled close to shore,
a steeple pointing heaven-bound, the lore
that makes Hallstatt an ideal place, until
the tourists crowd the streets. Thatís why this pic
is where a visitor would want to stay
and feel the fog that lifts, the waterís spray
against the backdropped mountains, know the tick
of time thatís silenced in this tranquil place,
the houses mirrored perfectly, the bliss
as captured by a photo lens, abyss
of fantasy. I do not have to brace
to leave. The picture can keep me immersed,
my soul relaxed, as it has long rehearsed.


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