Lingering Memories
by Sharmagne Leland-St.John
The scent of fresh mown grass still lingers
in my memory,
reminiscent of a summer day 
in our Spanish Colonial
near Santa Barbara.
Finger sandwiches and croquet on the lawn
Avril, Teri and I, arrayed in long gauzy gowns
And wide-brimmed hats to shield us from the sun. 
We decided to dress my brother Jasper 
in one of Avril's vintage frocks
and a picture hat, 
To make a foursome.
Fresh mown grass scenting the sea salt air
as we played croquet
on that sultry summer day.
Enter Paul Jabara.
We introduced Jasper as Jasmine.
Paul was smitten.                                     
As the sun slipped behind the Madrones
We adjourned to dress for dinner,
And later Jasper lounged with us over cocktails
in his usual white peggers
And a Mickey Mouse tee shirt—
The All-American Boy.
Paul, roaming the upstairs rooms 
in search of the bewitching Jasmine.
He never found “her.”
The next morning 
With the scent of
Fresh mown grass still lingering
We ventured into the spinney
Of red-barked Madrone
And Monterey Pines
Behind the house,
Overlooking the ocean--
Dew drops still glistened 
On the milkweed and columbine.
We never told Paul of the joke
We had played on him.
The scent of fresh mown grass still lingers….


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