Prairie Grass in Sunlight
by Michael Escoubas

Is it the prairie’s twilight after-glow
that mesmerizes me? Or perhaps
it is the gentle sway of grasses in the wind,
or the red-winged blackbird perched on a post
his regal feathers on display
that makes me slow my gait
that whispers in my ear …

“Pause, let the prairie sing, let her sing
sweet songs of the goodness of life. Let
silence reign. Listen for the cicada’s hum,
or a rabbit’s rustling in the grass. Make
such comforts of the sun part of you. Let
them live in you. At morning, birds will wake
to prove the truth of things by delicate
chirpings in misty fields. In this moment,
under a dome of blue, edged in gold,
the evening sings a prairie’s serenade.”


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