Seasons of Summer
by DK Halley

White tipped waves gleam under the rising sun
first step footprints stretch as markers in sand
babe’s small eye matches the hue of the endless sea
little hand touches and probes a five-pointed fish star
smiles and giggles at tides washing the summer shore
in the small of a palm, a sparkling, singular olive shell

Summer days stacking flat shell upon flat shell
toddler cap and swimsuit beneath the burning sun
eyes follow waves, body tethered to the shore
bucket and shovel fashioning castles of sand
a day at the beach wished upon a shining star
the smell of salt air and the sound of the sea

Skipping school to skateboard to the sea
stopping by a glassy bay to skim a clam shell
dog paddling with dreams of a swimming star
skin burning red, blistering beneath the sun
surfing and spilling down steep dunes of sand
watching the sunset over the summer shore

Caravan of singles searching for the shore
bikinis and swim trunks splashing in the sea
summer nights lying on the wet granular sand
fantasizing visions of Venus on the half shell
shadow sitting, sipping wine, waiting out the sun
in the silent dawn welcoming the morning star

Siren sea wind is our familial guiding star
our children shout upon spotting the shore
lotion lathering to guard against the hot sun
summer supplicants to the surf and the sea
teaching our children how to open a clam shell
chastising our children for throwing salty sand

In beach chairs softly bathed in wind swept sand
sending thanksgiving to our seasonal lodestar
float on waves to rest our fragile flesh/bone shell
sipping our wine coolers beside the summer shore
waiting for the lunar, solar tides to move the sea
dawn to twilight, seaside vistas under the sun

An umbrella shell beneath the scorching sun
a guiding star pointing to the eternal sea
shifting sand as we reach senility’s shore


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