The Weird Dream
by Kathleen Murphy

Last night I had one of those dreams
Where you think you're back in school.
It was math and science and geography
And learning the Golden Rule.
I had to sit and be quiet
And not ever say a word,
I thought, I'm an adult,
This really is absurd.
All around were kids from my grade school,
George and Linda and John,
They didn't see anything strange at all,
I thought, what's going on?
I tried to get up and leave,
But for some reason I couldn't go,
I was afraid of being looked at
And afraid of the teacher's "No!"
So I sat there fuming,
My annoyance was all-consuming,
Until my fate was looming–
I couldn't take any more!
I made a move that was bold,
And I headed for the door!
Fortunately, I woke up then,
Feeling strange and cold,
And thinking, what a weird dream,
I'm sure glad I'm old!


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