Martine Alison

"I observe and become aware of the abundance of life that surrounds me and I draw inspiration from it to create a work in the same tune, that is to say an almost theatrical act where the imagination can propel the stage.” MARTINE ALISON

Figurative painter from Saint-Etienne where she was born on May 20, 1959, attracted by the beauty of colors, the purity of lines, the elegance of the line.

Martine Alison is both a painter of exuberance and intimacy. It is attached to nature or to a very colorful, very abundant decor. His outdoor scenes are teeming with thriving plants, rich in color and life. His paintings, of an astonishing richness of inspiration, reveal to us a world strewn with dreams at the limit of the naive and lead us towards a delicate sensuality.

The finesse of her brushwork, the originality of her painting will not fail to attract the attention and interest of visitors.

Martine Alison initially worked in the medical field. At the same time, she continues to develop her artistic expression through oil, watercolor and pastel. She holds numerous exhibitions in France and abroad and then decides to devote herself entirely to painting.

From each canvas sounds and noises seem to emerge.

Martine Alison, although free from any influence, is in the figuration, on the border between the felt and the lived, the dream and the real, the visible and the invisible.

It features young ladies accompanied by animals. She builds her web like a puzzle. Each detail is meticulously thought out and worked on, which contributes to the harmony of the whole. Fantasy and reality merge in his compositions.

Martine Alison finds refuge in nature. These moments of solitude bring a serenity to her works.

Martine Alison's painting is faithful to what it is, a joy of living. A beautiful invitation to share his delight and open the doors to his colorful universe.


“My painting is a technique developed through hard work, it is the expression of a lifetime.

You have to have lived, accumulated experiences, stored images, discovered freedom, found happiness and agreed to say... say with your brush... to the rhythm of beauty, the cadence of your emotions.

There is no secret, there is only authenticity, you don't have to search. You have to BE... BE without reserve, without constraint.

It's life that sculpted me like this, I don't invent anything, I execute." Martine Alison

MARTINE ALISON ? CONTACTS +33(0)6 80 44 63 19 artladymartinealison artladymartinealison/

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