Coastal Scene and a Snowy Owl
by Bob Moore

The distant crash of a roller
is heard on the ocean side of the dune.

A thin layer of snow coats the sand
left behind from last week’s storm.

Sightseers buoy themselves wrapped
in nylon jackets, hoods up or down.

They focus on a bird found at a distance
from a wooden walkway.

They raise their arms, adjust their lenses,
and snap photos of the migrant guest.

A herring gull, white as the sun is gold,
banks its wings against an ocean breeze.

It hovers overhead, vying for the cameras’ attention.
Yet, eyes remain on the motionless bird.

Tourists grow restless, pace in place,
their patience not nearly as deep

as the owl’s. His time is not like theirs,
he stares for hours, nights, days go by,

bracing for his next move.


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