Lake Matsubara
...after the wood cut "Lake Matsubara, Shinshu", by Hasui Kawase
by Sharmagne Leland-St. John

Water ripples from
a windward breeze
yet reflects
the mountains still

A lone fisherman
angles on the shore
settled in against
the mossy bank

Last day on the lake
before September rains
drench surrounding land

Meditating on the fish
he'll catch
as he slips into sleep
dreaming of sushi
bamboo pole in his hand

He feels a nibble then a jerk
and answers with a tug of pole
to set the hook
he feels the fish
trying to escape
but snagged
on sharpened steel
he cannot get away

Hasui reels him in
a handsome rainbow
at his feet
a reward
for his patience
on this sunny summer day


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