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Dear Readers, Poets, Artists and Photographers,

I received the email copied below from our server. It will cost me $25.00 per month/ an additional $300.00 per year in addition to what I already pay out of pocket to publish Quill and Parchment. That will bring the total to over $500.00 per annum.

If you truly love Quill and Parchment and wish to help us publish freely on the internet won’t you please consider either subscribing ($12.75) per year (which is only a little over $1.00 per month).

The second option is to contribute whatever you feel you can afford.

The third option: If everyone whom we have ever published sent $1.00, it would keep us live on the Internet for another few years. We have published over 700 poets, photographers and artists in the nearly 17 years we have been publishing. This is our Milestone 200th issue. Please don't let it end here.

Neither Sara, Ed, Kaila nor I have ever drawn a salary from Quill and Parchment. All subscriptions and donations went directly to maintaining the site and furnishing Sara with some of the tools/software to be able to publish, and she also pays out of pocket for her own programming application to continue to work on this site.

See below the letter re GOOGLE:

Dear Sharmagne,

Google is amending their strategy for an even more secure web. To ensure that your website won't be negatively affected, it's important for us to inform you of their latest steps.

As you may have already been aware, Google has been heavily favoring HTTPS (aka the secure version of HTTP) since 2014. Beginning October 2017, Google will be implementing even more changes to prompt all website owners to migrate their websites to HTTPS. Due to Google's updated approach, Google's browser "Chrome" will label your non-HTTPS (HTTP) web pages as "Not Secure" on a number of common circumstances. Failure to move to HTTPS can result in a significant loss of website rankings, traffic, or visitor trust.

In short: since October 2017, the Google Chrome browser will show a "Not Secure" warning on:
non-HTTPS pages that allow visitor to enter any data
(eg. search bar, contact forms, etc.)
any non-HTTPS page visited in Incognito Mode
non-HTTPS pages that have password fields
(already implemented since January 2017)
non-HTTPS pages with credit card fields
(already implemented since January 2017)

According to Google, it is not advisable to "wait to get started moving to HTTPS", as they have already announced their intent to mark ALL non-HTTPS pages as "Not Secure" in the very near future.


Cashiers cheque or Money Orders payable to:
Sharmagne Leland-St. John

Cashiers cheque or Money Orders or VenMo only

Instructions for payments please click here


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