Nauset Beach Light ~ Cape Cod National Seashore near Eastham ~ Massachusetts ~ Stephanie Wright

"With the ardent expectancy of butterfly and bee"
Summer Garden
by Kathy Lohrum Cotton

"Bessie’s owner passed on last fall and the mare went to pasture"
The Year of No Garden
by Kathy Lohrum Cotton

"Root-strings strumming beneath furrowed dirt in his front yard"
Donnie’s First Garden
by Kathy Lohrum Cotton

"A few random raindrops splat on the path"
Midwest July
by Kathy Lohrum Cotton

Faro di Capo Ferro ~ North East Sardinia ~ Marcos De Julia

"Sang our sacred songs"

by Gloria Viglione

"The winding waterway resounds with chirps"
Kayak Solitude
by Scott Shaffer

"The only sound the horses’ hooves"
1950s Trips to Rockingham Park
by MFrost Delaney

"On a windswept dock, my boys sit wrapped in heavy coats"
The Boys Go Crabbing
by Maralee Gerke

"Capturing sparkles of early morning dew on grass"
July in Devon
by Annie Jenkin

"I can't stand the silence inside me"
Empty Spaces
by Alice Pero

"How silently time runs its course"
The Projector
by Michael Keshigian

"Laughed me into saying yes to coffee"
Catch and Release
by Gloria Viglione

"Scampering along the packed-sand shoreline"
by Gillian Nevers

"My heart aches with homesickness"
by Lenora Rain-Lee Good

"Waves smash against rocks, burst into a downpour"
Rocks, Sand, Water
by Lori Levy

"Wide eyes wonder at your fireworks"
Her Fourth of July
by Mark Fleisher

"Towers failed to light the far, far sea"
Tōmyōdai: The Early Lighthouse
by Sally Nacker

"The beauty of sun’s glow on junipers"
Backyard Treasures
by Gail Denham

"Honeyed light over fields of fruiting hawthorn"
Sea of Sighs
by KB Ballentine

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse ~ Bristol ~ Maine ~ Ben Tero

"She was dressed in her favourite toga"
Leda Remembers
by Sharmagne Leland-St. John

"Unhinged by feathered sweet caresses"
Bittersweet Surrender
by Michael Escoubas

“Her breasts like ripe pomegranates”
Leda Betrayed
by Vaughn Neeld

"A time when gods ruled sun and moon and sea"
Leda and the Swan
by MFrostDelaney

"He could have wooed her, swept her off her feet"
Leda and the Swan
by Lenora Rain-Lee Good

"Shining on the  Ochlockonee River that morning at dawn"
Forgotten Coast Reverie
by Karla Linn Merrifield

"Beauty made her his prey"
Bartolomeo Ammanati’s “Leda and the Swan” in Perspective
by Paulette Demers Turco


Ekphrastic Prompt & Word Prompt For August 2021



Vuurtorne van Noordwijk~ Peter Den Uyl

"Love songs to the sun"
Early Morning Haiku
by Sharmagne Leland-St. John

"Whippoorwill nights"
Two Haiku
by Barbara Robinette

"Wishing I still had a garden"
Summer Haiku
by Wilda Morris

"A party of cardinals"
Summer Haiku
by MaryJo Balistreri

Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse ~ Jupiter ~Florida ~ Rick Macomber

Letters Home
by Jennifer Wong
Reviewed by Neil Leadbeater

by Barbara Robinette
Reviewed by Michael Escoubas

Nature: Human & Otherwise
by D.C. Buschmann
Reviewed by Michael Escoubas

Hillarys Boat Harbour Light ~ Western Australia ~ Garry Frayne

Publisher: Kelsay Books
Kindness in Winter
by Sally Nacker

Publisher: MerwinAsia
Green Mountain: Poems
by Yang Jian

Faro dell'Isola di Murano ~ Venetian Lagoon ~ Venice ~ Italy ~ Sharmagne Leland-St. John

A fabulous side dish for your 4th of July  barbecue
Barbecue Macaroni and Shrimp Salad
from the kitchen of Sharmagne Leland-St. John

Hot, spicy and delicious 
Corn on the Cob Braised in Spiced Butter
from the kitchen of Sharmagne Leland-St. John

Just like Mama used to make it
Crispy Cornflake Coated Chicken
from the kitchen of Sharmagne Leland-St. John

Little Sable Point Lighthouse ~ Mears ~ Michigan ~ Dusty Damsgaard

Stephanie Wright
Marcos De Julia
Ben Tero 
Peter Den Uyl
Rick Macomber
Garry Frayne
Sharmagne Leland-St. John
Dusty Damsgaard
Manon Roosjen
Seth Tichenor
Mauricio Almay

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North Tower ~ Schiermonnikoog ~ Northern Netherlands ~ Manon Roosjen

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Portland Head Light ~ Cape Elizabeth  ~ Maine ~ Seth Tichenor

Heceta Head Lighthouse ~ Oregon Coast ~ Mauricio Almay



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