"The sound of Chopin from the living room"
Portland in Summer
by Judy Clarence

"The creek bed stones, dry as old bones"
The Creek in Summer
by Judy Clarence

"The hiss is like the hiss of frightened snakes"
Darjeeling Railway
by Judy Clarence

''Footsteps slow, on this very street"
Fifth and Morrison, 1927 
by Judy Clarence


"Shy blossom becoming a hard green knot"
by Kathy Lohrum Cotton

“Cooling to blue twilight”
by Greg Gregory

"The fading clump of orange poppies"
Casa Encantada Daydream
by Karla Linn Merrifield

"They nestle down like seeds in garden soil"
by Nancy Cummins Bierman

"To anchor in a harbor you’d call home"
by Sheri Lindner

“We arrive in darkness our first night at the Maine cottage”
Maine Boulders
by Scott Shaffer

"Pink flamingos resting on salt lakes"
Passing Through 
by Annie Jenkin

"We felt rain on our shoulders"
Rosemary and Roux
by Robert Beveridge

As Night Falls
by Vaughn Neeld

Evil Eye Tree for Protection

"Where the pink carnations grow"
The Honey Bee
by Karen Schwartz


"Curled in a flower a bee dreams of honey"
The Golden Time of Honey 
by Maja Trochimczyk


"Bush twittering with sparrows"
Floral Memories–a Haiku Quartet
by Melanie Claire Blinn Eulberg


"It fell upon the darkling plain"
Taos Sky
by Sharmagne Leland-St.John

"Taffeta wings fanned out like royal raiments"
Mariposa Monarca
by Pilar Quintana

“She sits at rest on her front porch”
Beneath the Taos Sky
by Michael Escoubas

”Dark clouds hover”
by Vaughn Neeld

"The ground beneath is an altar"
Taos Sky 
by MFrostDelaney

"The last warm rays of sun gilding the horizon"
Indigo Moment
by Paulette Demers Turco


“Scarlet ribbons not quite right”
Widow's Weeds
by Sharmagne Leland-St. John

"Bright lights no longer sing his joy"
Awash In the Moment
by Michael Escoubas

"Beneath the cobalt blue of prairie sky"
The Milk Room
by Marcel Duclos

Ekphrastic & Poetry Prompt For August 2022


Steve Henderson in Poetry and Paint
by Michael Escoubas
Reviewed by Thelma T. Reyna

Unavoidable … evade dying at your own peril
by Marcel Aimé Duclos
Reviewed by Michael Escoubas

Shaking the Persimmon Tree
by Marc Woodward
Reviewed by Neil Leadbeater

Edge of the Echo
by KB Ballentine
Reviewed by Michael Escoubas

Ode to El Camino de Santiago and Other Poems of Journey
by James Green
Reviewed by Michael Escoubas


Publisher: MoonPath Press
The Language of Tides: New & Selected Poems
by Lois Parker Edstrom

Publisher: Finishing Line Press
February’s Rose
by Bing Hua

Publisher: Washington Writers Press
Every Day A Blue Sky:
Humorous and Satirical Poetry

by William Marr

Publisher: Highland Park Poetry Press
by Amelia Cotter


Talking of Many Things:
An Interview with Richard Greene

by Neil Leadbeater


Cool off this summer with this delicious icy concoction
Cacao Frappuccino
from the kitchen of Sharmagne Leland-St.John

Serve this tangy slaw with your favourite fish
Red Cabbage Slaw 
from the kitchen of Sharmagne Leland-St.John

Easy and delicious Tuscan Pasta
Butterfly Pasta with Shrimp
from the kitchen of Sharmagne Leland- St.John


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