Shimmering Plum Island Dawn

"There is a nip in the air"
Last Plum Island Wave
by Michael Escoubas

"Ghost-mist takes leave of the warming sea"
Shimmering Plum Island Dawn
by Michael Escoubas

"I find you, silent and waiting"
Ode to the Lighthouse at Charlevoix
by Michael Escoubas

Merging Sea and Sand

"Heat rises from the cornfields in waves"
Dog Days
by t. wagner

"Lush fruit to naked silhouette"
Still Life Scene 
by Gay Williford

"Sage-laden breezes"
by Greg Gregory

"Lakes that languish in dappled sunlight"
Deep Waters
by Elayne Clift

"Darkness blooms in sound and scent"
Score for a Hot Night in August
by Mary Jo Balistreri

"I travel narrow country lanes"
Warhorse Country
by Annie Jenkin

"Butterflies busy in the garden"
Summer Days
by Richard Greene

"Our cow dog Nicky at my side"
Where First Memories Were Formed
by Carolyn Chilton Casas

Merging Sky, Sea and Sand

"Foam-topped waves crash down"
by Paulette Demers Turco

Sunset on Plum Island

"A great blue heron stands–regal as a king"
Sunset on Plum Island
by Paulette Demers Turco

"The pallid greys of sunset skies"
Barrier Island
by Sharmagne Leland-St. John

"Grasslands laced with tidal creeks"
Sunset on Plum Island
by Michael Escoubas

"Evenings prelude to the morning’s dew"
The Fairy Floss of Plum Island 
by MFrostDelaney

"Serpentine river enwrapping marsh"
Sunset on Plum Island
by DK Halley

"Lazy river"
Plum Island Sunset
by Gay Williford

"Our paper dragon kites"
Dear Sky
by Zara Raab

"The tidal river disappears"
by Marcel Aime Duclos

"Nature’s palette smears the sky"
Haiku for Plum Island
by Candace Turner

Ekphrastic Prompt For September 2022

After the lightning storm

"A summer symphony"
by Sharmagne Leland-St.John

"Often I have seen the red-tailed hawk lay siege"
by Zara Raab

"Leaves hung flaccid from drought-stressed limbs"
Weather Coming 
by Vaughn Neeld

"I stood alone among the ancient stones"
We Heard the Cicadas Sing
by Victor Riehl

"Butterflies busy in the garden"
Cicada Sentries
by Gay Williford

"Tall grasses whisper against her knees"
At Close of Day
by Sheri Lindner

 "Under purple skies"
Plum Island River
by Tom Landergan

"Time arose to celebrate"
by Marcel Aime Duclos

"Wings flutter"
by Candace Turner

"The beauty of earth, sky and water"
Cicadas at Sunset
by Isabell VanMerlin

Poetry Prompt For September 2022

Sail under the Veiled Moon

"Moments that sparkle like clear water beneath a wooden bridge"
Invisible Days: A Prose Poem
by Vaughn Neeld

The Rocks at Peggy's Cove, N.S.

Long Journey Home: An Interview with James Green
by Neil Leadbeater

Last Plum Island Wave

Perennial Earth: Poetry by Wallace Stevens and Paintings by Alexis Serio
Authors: Wallace Stevens and Alexis Serio, ed. John N. Serio
Reviewed by Michael Escoubas

The White Hydrangeas
by Lawrence O’Brien
Reviewed by Neil Leadbeater

A Matter of Dark Matter
by Kate Hutchinson
Reviewed by Michael Escoubas

February’s Rose
by Bing Hua
Reviewed by Michael Escoubas

Late Dusk on Marble Head Harbor

Publisher: Wiseblood Books
The Joseph Tree
by Isabel Chenot

Publisher: Amazon
To Talk of Many Things: Selected Poems
by Richard Greene

Publisher: Glass Lyre Press
Self-Portrait with Thorns
by Gail Goepfert

Publisher: Moonrise Press
Bright Skies
by Maja Trochimczyk

Orange Sky on Charlevoix

This complex culinary herb makes a delicious summer beverage
Lavender Iced Tea
from the kitchen of Sharmagne Leland-St. John

A tasty summer picnic dish
Curried Turkey Salad
from the kitchen of Sharmagne Leland-St. John

A sweet summer treat!
Honey-Cinnamon Sweet Potato Fries
from the kitchen of Sharmagne Leland-St.John

The Keeper's Home at Nubble Light, York Maine

Paulette Demers Turco



Before our Hike Down Quechee Gorge



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