Farm on the Rez Road ~ Confederated Colville Reservation ~ Nespelem ~ Washington

"Summer nights, aching to be asked to dance"
Later, going back to where music poured from the ramshackle pavilion 
by Lyn Lifshin
(July 12,1942 ~ December 9, 2019)

"Hot enough to melt spilled sherbet in seconds"
He said it was the slimy algae
by Lyn Lifshin

"The remembered taste of those lips"
Haven't you ever, like I have, wondered, seeing Alfred Eisenstadt's kiss over and over
by Lyn Lifshin

Reflections ~ Colorado

"The shimmer and rattles of reeds and rushes"
Wetlands in Devon 
by Annie Jenkin

"Tom and I went canoeing down the Mackinaw"
Things of August
by Michael Escoubas

"A time when the water looks like glass"
Powow River 
by Bob Moore

"I’m in the haystack, waiting"
by Terry Chess

"Older, with more memory than future"
Time Steals
by Michael Feld Simon

"He talks with his hands"
by Karen O’Leary

"Flutes sing like wood thrushes"
At the Music Fest

by Wilda Morris

"Bird calls piercing the still forest"
Riding to Rest 
by Scott Shaffer

Farm  ~ Skagit Valley ~ Washington

"Picnicking on the banks of the Rio Grande"
August in Taos
by Sharmagne Leland-St. John

"She remembered that patch of rhubarb planted long ago"
A Summer Pastoral
by Michael Escoubas

"Would we go blind if we gazed too long at the sun?"
Under a Cloud-Freckled Sky
by Vaughn Neeld

"As shadows widened on sidewalks, friends and I headed home"
School’s Out–Lazy Summer
by Gail Denham

"Dust rises, as the sun draws hotter"
Wolf, the Untamable
by Tracy Mitchell

"Flour flew, sugar scattered, butter blended"
Sweet Stuff
by Gay Williford

Poetry Prompt For September 2023

The Devil’s Throne ~ Puerto Natales ~ Patagonia ~ Chile

"Filled with wind her lines held deftly by the crew"
Imagining a Sail
by Paulette Demers Turco

"Caressing me so soft without a pelting rain"
A Catamaran’s Fantasy 
by MFrostDelaney

"Our catamaran was safely pulled up on shore"
Lakeside Event
by Gay Williford

"Escape the soot and blare of city streets"
by Priscilla Turner Spada

"The yellow warbler's song"
Catamaran on Cedar Lake
by Sharmagne Leland-St. John

"Birds on the shore call the sun to rise"
Dawn Calls the Skipper
by Lenora Rain-Lee Good

Ekphrastic Prompt for September 2023

Red Pickup in a Yellow Field ~ Taos ~ New Mexico

Distilled Lives: Volume 6
Co-Editors: Wilda Morris and Susan T. Moss
Reviewed by Michael Escoubas

Wild Orchids
by Simon Fletcher
Reviewed by Neil Leadbeater

No Matter How It Ends
by E.J. Rode
Reviewed by Michael Escoubas

Sailboat ~ Los Angeles Harbor ~ California

Publisher: Kelsay Books
At Goat Hollow and Other Poems
by Wilda Morris

Publisher: Flower Song Press
Quarantine Highway
by Millicent Borges Accardi

Publisher: The Poetry Box
Our Aching Bones, Our Breaking Hearts: Poems on Aging
by Joel Savishinsky

Down East ~ Bar Harbor ~ Maine

An Interview with Simon Fletcher
by Neil Leadbeater

Moulton Farm After the Rain ~ Grand Teton National Park ~ Wyoming

Skip the jelly, go right to the source
Coconut Almond Butter with Peach Slices
from the kitchen of Sharmagne Leland-St.John

A tasty way to use leftover chicken on these hot summer days
Green Salad with Barbecue Chicken Breast
from the kitchen of Sharmagne Leland-St.John

Tempt your tastebuds with this delicious summer treat!
Banana-Walnut Ice Cream
from the kitchen of Victor Riehl and Sharmagne Leland-St.John

Square Top Mountain on the Road to Green River Lakes ~ Wind River Range ~ Wyoming

Grant Wasden


La Conner Farm ~ La Conner ~ Washington


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Gumtree Reserve ~ Seal Beach ~ California

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