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by Larry Egort

When oceans dip beneath silvery moons,
And waves succumb to their springtide swings,
Gravity ungrips, like helium balloons.
Souls untethered, sprout celestial wings.

As pregnant clouds shower misty rain,
And winds rile from summer monsoons,
Rivers rise, ebb and wane.
Souls enlightened, the lotus flower blooms.

When wheat fields glisten in eve’s autumn glow,
And harvest moons arise in the amber sky,
“Reap the red earth!” beckons the plow.
Souls awakened, stirs the sleeping butterfly.

As winter gasps its final breath,
And snowy paths wander to graves of mourn,
Psyche whispers in Hades ear - “Death
Is for mortals, Souls eternal, are reborn.”





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