Dear Lucille Clifton, Letter Number 3
by Lenora Rain-Lee Good

Hi, Lucille. It's me. Again.
I read your book, all 720 pages.
I re-learned to sit and read
with great enjoyment. Again.

And now, I know who I want
to be when I grow up.
I want to be You!

Oh, not to worry—I'm
already 77 years plus—
but, Lucille, you know
what I'm thinking?

I'm thinkin', girl,
I believe in reincarnation.
I'm thinkin', girl,
it's a possibility
and to that end
I am leavin' instructions

that when I die
and am hauled off
to the crematory, I want
all 720 pages, all 2.7 pounds
of your book ashed
right along with me.

If there's a chance at reincarnation
then, girl, I'm gonna grab it!
The brass ring can go
to someone else. I want to be
reincarnated with you.

We'll use your hips,
if that's all right, and that
spring-time willow-thin
girl within both of us.

We'll dance and sing—
you may lead—and write
poetry to our sons
and our daughters and
to all our relations.

Our ancestors can mix
the ash, flesh our bones,
use the good from us both.

Oh, Sistah, the earth
won't know what
it's got by that
proverbial tail, when
we come again,
as one, together!

With love and hope,
your new Sistah


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