Redwood Magic, Santa Cruz Mountains, California


As I gaze out from the deck of my mountain home I have a view through the redwoods to the beautiful Monterey Bay.
I feel blessed and awed by the natural beauty that surrounds us and deeply inspired by the power of the ocean.

I have loved photography for as long as I can remember, and own a number of Canon and Nikon film, as well as
digital cameras. But these days I find myself out and about more often with only my iPhone.

In current times, with what is happening all over the world, life can at times feel heavy and overwhelming.
My hope, more than ever, is that my art, my photography, will bring moments of peace, lightness of being, and
feelings of love into our lives as a reminder of the inherent goodness and phenomenal beauty that surrounds us on
our amazing Planet Earth.

My passion is capturing views in our everyday world, that bring to light moments we might otherwise have missed.
I hope you will join me on Instagram @melnoel009 as I continue on my photographic journey through this astonishingly beautiful world.

Country Road, Corralitos, California


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