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Carol Decanio Abeles
Carol remembers writing her first poem in 4th grade. Her first poem published was in 1969. She believes poetry doesn’t have to be taught but only allowed.

Scar (Feburary 2017)
The Eighth Day (May 2019)

A. David Abraham

November (November 2022)

Snow Markers (December 2022)


Nancy Ellen Abrams
Nancy is a co-author, with Joel R. Primack, of The View from the Center of the Universe. She is also a singer/songwriter with three albums, none of which include the not-yet-recorded song Memorial Day. 

Memorial Day (May 2006)


Millicent Borges Accardi

New Book Release August 2023
Quarantine Highway

Petr Adamec

Featured Photographer January 2019
Featured Photographer March 2019


Sandra Ervin Adams
Sandra is listed in A Directory of American Poets and Writers and has been published in anthologies and journals. In 2006 she authored Union Point Park Poems, and in 2011, Through a Weymouth Window. She lives in North Carolina near the coast.

Seaside Ceremony (August 2010)
Back to Basics (Feburary 2012)

New Book Release:
Through a Weymouth Window (December 2011)

Justen Ahren
Martha's Vineyard Poet Laureate Justen Ahren is the author the collection of poetry, A Strange Catechism and founder and director of Noepe Center for Literary Arts, and the Italy Writing Workshop in Orvieto, Italy.

Poet Laureate of West Tisbury, Ma 2013-2015
Poet Laureate of Martha's Vineyard 2017–2019

Prayer (January 2018)
Prayers (Feburary 2018)

Neil Aitken
Neil is a Canadian poet in exile. Graduate student at UC Riverside in the MFA Creative Writing program. 

Shaman (August 2001)
Man Pulled From the Earth (El Salvador)~ for Sergio Moreno (January 2003)
Burials (June 2005)
Letter to the Unknown Wife XVII (December 2015)


Di Albright
Featured Photographer (September 2013)


M. Lee Alexander
M. Lee Alexander teaches creative writing at William and Mary. Her chapbook Observatory was published by Finishing Line Press in 2007 and her second book Folly Bridge is in process.

The Song of the Groke (January 2010)

Sherman Alexie
Sherman, a Spokane/Coeur d’Alene tribal member, grew up on the Spokane Indian Reservation in Wellpinit, Washington. He is a preeminent Native American poet, novelist, performer and filmmaker. He is the recipient of a PEN/Hemingway Award.

New Book Releases
FACE (Dec 2009)


Austin Alexis
Austin's recent work is in Lips and in his chapbook, For Lincoln and Other Poems. He has work forthcoming in The Patterson Literary Review and won Honorable Mention in the Allen Ginsberg Poetry Awards.

Snowflakes in July (July 2010)

Tobi Alfier

New Book Release November 2021
Calendar Girls: Poems 2022

Bridge Player’s Saturday (September 2019)
Contented Rescue (Feburary 2022)


Martine Alison

Featured Artist September 2023

*An Interview with Martine Alison (September 2023)*
In: French & English



Sarah Mae Allard
Last time we checked, Sarah was a twenty-one year old English major on hiatus, who spends her spare time building gigantic leaf piles in the fall, and tiny snowmen in the winter. In the summer and spring, she's too busy complaining about the heat to build anything.

Routine (May 2005)
Machias: (May 2005)

Dee Allen
Dee is an African-Italian performance poet based in Oakland, California. Active on the creative writing & Spoken Word tips since the early 1990s. Author of 4 books 

[ Boneyard, Unwritten Law, Stormwater and his newest, Skeletal Black, all from POOR Press ] and 18 anthology appearances [ including Poets 11: 2014, Feather Floating On The Water, Rise, Your Golden Sun Still Shines, What Is Love, The City Is Already Speaking, The Land Lives Forever and the newest from Los Angeles-based Vagabond Books, Extreme ] under his figurative belt so far.

Featured Poet September 2019
Breeder of Flames
Night Eagle
Only These Remain 


Mauricio Almay
Mauricio enjoys hiking and trying to share a bit of the beauty he sees in the world via his camera lense.

Featured photographer July 2021

Nina Rubinstein Alonso
Nina's work has been published in The New Yorker, Ploughshares, Ibbetson Street, Sumac, U. Mass. Review, New Boston Review, Muddy River Poetry, Review, Southern Womenís Review, MomEgg, Broadkill Review, Wilderness House Review, etc.

The speechless joy of summer (October 2015)


David Alpaugh
David's poetry has appeared in literary journals that include Able Muse, Berkeley Poetry Review, Evergreen Review, Exquisite Corpse, Light, Mudlark, Poetry, Rattle, Spillway, Wisconsin Review, and Zyzyvva. His first collection, Counterpoint, won the Nicholas Roerich Poetry Prize from Story Line Press. He is one of the fifty contemporary poets selected by Dana Gioia for the Heyday Press anthology California Poetry from the Gold Rush to the Present. He is the author of three voice plays, all of which have won awards from the University of California and been published by Boundary 2 and Scene4.

Featured Poet September 2013
Singing Along With Miss Worrell
Who Says Poetry Makes Nothing Happen?

Pat Alsup
Pat, a Wyoming native, credits the successes he has achieved in life on having small town values. Hard work, an honest smile and a genuine concern as to how he treated people carried him through several careers including: lender, publisher, realitor, builder and now as an artist. Life is good at age 76.
Bio page

Featured artist March 2017


Wanda Alsup
Wanda following her husband as his career took them into several Western States did not deter her from becoming a successful mother, nurse, president of a publishing company and a lady of many interests. She now enjoys a number of creative activities including: oil painting, weaving and ceramics.She is currently devoting much of her time developing proficiency in the use of colored pencils.
Bio page

Featured Artist May 2017



Blanca Alvarez
Since Blanca discovered watercolor years ago,  she has not been able to abandon this technique.  Sheloves its transparency and how the colors mix with each other. It is the most difficult technique of all, unpredictable, it is the water that decides.


Featured Artist September 2018

Jane Alynn
Jayne, a poet, essayist, and fine art photographer, is the author of Necessity of Flight (Cherry Grove, 2011) and a chapbook, Threads & Dust (Finishing Line Press, 2005). Her poems have appeared in numerous journals as well as in many anthologies, and in 2004 she received a William Stafford Award from Washington Poets Association.

Chuckanut Drive, in Winter (January 2012)
Hummingbird (March 2012)
Three Crows (July 2016)
In Want of Wings (December 2016)

Ekphrastic Poetry:
On the Importance of Combs and Brushes (May 2012)
Girl at the Window (July 2012)

New Book Release:
Necessity of Flight (December 2011)

Angel Ambrose

Art Out of Ashes (December 2023)

American Bear Cub ™
Fall Photography October 2021

Chandler Anderson
Featured Photographer November 2023


Ingrid Andersson 

New Book Release March 2022
Jordemoder: Poems of a Midwife  

Jelena Andjelkovic
Jelena was born and raised in former Yugoslavia. Works in her native Serbo-Croatian language have been published in several anthologies. She performs her poetry throughout the L.A. area.

Orange (January 2003)
Raven ( Oct 2003)
Cello (March 2004)


William Angelo
William's short stories can be found in several anthologies online and in print. These include Something Rich and Strange: the Past is Prologue, Stalking Leviathan - A Bestiary of Tales (Random Anthologies) (Volume 3) Stories for Homes.

Short Articles:
Should There Be A Bounty On Plutocrats? (October 2008)


Aurora Antonovic
Aurora is a writer and visual artist who currently acts as Canadian liaison for Muse Apprentice Guild. 

Things I Want To Save (July 2003)
Your Love (August 2003)
Seaside Serenade (August 2003)

On the Beach (Sept 2003)

Enchantment (Sept 2003)
Hot As A Candle (Feb 2004)
Moonlight (Feb 2004)
Angel's Whisper (March 2004)
Poets’ Journey (April 2004)
I Am Restless As the Ocean (August 2004)
Autumn’s Afternoon (Oct 2004)
Autumn’s Awakening (Nov 2004)
At The Apple Orchard (Dec 2004)
Sunday Night Supper (Feb 2005)
Drop A Line of Poetry (March 2005)
Addiction (March 2005)
Tata (June 2005)
Winter's Hope (Nov2005)
Three Nights in Shanghai (July 2006)
Five (May 2007) 

With Christopher John Home
Christopher John is an Australian poet who views his work as poetic snapshots of life's experience and reflection.
Amare (Oct 2003)
Poet-Speak (Nov 2003)
Celestial Slumber and Solaris Eternal (Dec 2003)
Serenade Me and True Harmony (Jan 2004)
My Angel Gone (March 2004)
My Well Wishing (April 2004)

With C.W. Hawes
C.W. is a bureaucrat by day, and a poet by night, who currently divides his time between Iowa and Minnesota. 

Under The Linden Tree (Feb 2004)

Haikufest '06(August 2006)

Candy Apple Pie (June 2003)
Blueberry Streusel Cake (June 2003)
Sweet Potato Salad (November2006)
Frozen Cranberry Salad (November 2007)

Book Reviews:
The Blossoms of the Night-Blooming Cereus
by Ursula T. Gibson (Sept 2005)

Dori Appel
Dori's poems have been widely published in journals and anthologies. She is also the author of a collection of poems, Another Rude Awakening (Cherry Grove Collections, 2008), and many published plays and monologues.

A Double Life (Nov 2009)

Elizabeth Archers
Elizabeth is a pedestrian in Portland, Oregon. She has a poem in the forthcoming Walking Bridges Using Poetry as a Compass, by Urban Adventure Press.

Irvington, October (October 2007)
Refraction (November 2007)
6:00 a.m. (January 2008)
Koan (January 2012)


Candace Armstrong
Candace writes in the beautiful woodlands of Southern Illinois. A member of Illinois State Poetry Society's Southern Chapter, she has been writing poetry since 2008.  She also enjoys gardening and hiking with her husband and their canine child, Murphy.

New Book Release March 2023

Evidence of Grace

October Observation (October 2018)
Watching Wild Turkeys (November 2018)

*Featured Poet March 2019*
Milkweed Trail 

Reminiscence (June 2019)
Prelude to Fall (September 2019)
Broken Valentine (Feburary 2020)
Love Construction (February 2021)
Milkweed Trail (May 2022)
*Featured Poet June 2022*
Putin’s Daughter
Featured Poet March 2023
View from Inside
Crocus in the Mud
Voicemail in March
The Winds of March (March 2023)
An Acrostic Golden Shovel poem for Emily Dickinson (January 2024)
Shadow of the Crow (March 2024)

Ekphrastic Poetry
Book Club (November 2018)
Pacific Vista (August 2019)
Anachronism (November 2019)
They asked me what I missed about Bloomington, Illinois,
so I replied . . .(December 2019)

The Silence of Sunshine (July 2020)
Mariposa Monarca Speaks (December 2020)
Cape Cod Evening (September 2021)

Carol Alena Aronoff, Ph.D.
Carol Alena is a psychologist, teacher and writer who co-founded SAGE, a psycho-spiritual program for elders; helped guide a Tibetan Buddhist Meditation center; taught Eastern spirituality and healing practices, imagery and meditation, and women’s health at San Francisco State University. She guided Healing in Nature retreats in Hawaii and the Southwest, and had a counseling practice in Marin County for many years. She co-authored Practical Buddhism: The Kagyu Path with Ole Nydahl in 1989 and edited five books and four meditation booklets on Tibetan Buddhism. Dr. Aronoff published a textbook, Compassionate Healing: Eastern Perspectives, in 1992.

New Book Release:
Blessings from an Unseen World
Poems and Photographs (January 2014)

First Born (May 2010)
Seascape (June 2010)
Featured Poet September 2010*
Blue Lace
Walking on Rosh Hashonah
In the Beginning (Feburary 2012)


Amparo Arrospide
Amparo is a Basque-Argentinian poet and translator, coeditor of PoetryLifeandTimes, where some of her bilingual texts have also been published."  



David Atkinson
David worked for the whole of his career as a lawyer in Sydney, Australia, where he still lives.
His poetry has been widely published in magazines and anthologies in Australia and the USA and also in New Zealand.

Identity of the Egret (July 2016)


Sharon Auberle
Sharon is a poet and photographer who lives in Door County, Wisconsin.  She is author of six poetry collections and
her work has appeared in numerous publications and on-line magazines, as well as a variety of anthologies.
Her latest book is a poetry/sketch collaboration with poet and artist Jeanie Tomasko, titled Dovetail, which
won the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets Annual Chapbook Prize.   In April, 2017, Auberle was appointed
Poet Laureate of Door County, a two year post through April of 2019.    Her years of living in the spare landscapes
of the Southwest, and now surrounded by  Northern woods and waters, along with her interests in Zen, music and
photography, provide endless inspiration.

Door County, Wisconsin Poet Laureate, April, 2017-April, 2019

Crow Ink (May 2009)
Featured Poet July 2009:
The Road to Cortine
Dragonfly Days
The Day We Saw the Eagles (Sept 2009)
Talking to Neruda's Ghost (April 2011)
Papa Did You Know (June 2011)
Washing My Mother's Back (May 2012)
Edward My Father (November 2012)
Guitar Man (January 2018)

*Featured Poet May 2020 *
How Do You Measure Love?
Paper Heart

Ekphrastic Poetry:
How to Photograph the Moon (Feburary 2012)

Short Articules:
LAST STAND (October 2009)

Bruce Dethlefsen (March 2010)

New Book Release:
Wind Where Music Was (May 2013)

Susan B. Auld
Each time I visit my Mother (May 2020)



Marcus Auler

Six Cold Poems on Six Cold Days (February 2011)

Kindra M. Austin 
Kindra is an indie author and editor from Michigan. She's
a founding member of Blood Into Ink, as well as Indie Blu(e). In
addition to her advocacy for trauma survivors, Austin is an active
supporter of the LGBTQ community, and has been published in the
Mansfield Pride magazine.

New Book Release December 2018

We Will Not Be Silenced

Richard Ayelot
Richard spends much of his time on the river fishing and swearing copiously when he doesn't get a rise! 

Warning (Jan 2005)

Lana Hechtman Ayers
Lana, originally from New York, made her way to the Pacific Northwest via New Hampshire where she obtained an MFA and a Masters in Counseling. Her most recent poetry collection is A New Red, which tells the story of a grown–up Red Riding Hood and her associates.

New Book Release (April 2023)
When All Else Fails 

*Featured Poet December 2011*
Heartbreak On the Seven Seas
Streaking through the night
Imagine (April 2024)


Erika Ayón
Erika Ayón emigrated from Mexico when she was five years old and
grew up in South Central Los Angeles. She graduated from UCLA
with a B.A. in English. She was selected as a 2009 PEN Emerging
Voices Fellow. She was also selected as a poet for the Newer Poet XV
reading, part of the Aloud Series of the Los Angeles Central Library
She has taught poetry to middle and high school students across Los
Angeles. Her work has appeared in The Acentos Review, Chiricú
, Orangelandia Anthology, Wide Awake Anthology, Coiled
Serpent Anthology
, and elsewhere.

New Book Release:
Orange Lady (March 2018)

*Featured Poet April 2018*
The Train Ride with Billy Collins
I Have Already
Unable to Speak

My Father's Guayabera Shirts (December 2017)
Spring Proposal (May 2018)
An Altar for My Father (June 2018)

Pamela A. Babusci
Pamela  is an internationally award-winning haiku/tanka & haiga artist. Some of
her awards include: Museum of Haiku Literature Award, First Place Mount Fuji Tanka Contest (Japan)
First Place Mainichi Haiku Award (Japan)

Six Tanka (May 2014)
Four Tanka (Feburay 2018)

Vandana Bajikar

Featured Photographer (November 2022)

Nathan A. Baker
Nathan is a carpenter/poet living in the mountains of Tennessee. His poems have appeared at Red River Review. Tamafyhr Mountain Poetry, Underground Window, Zafusy, Lily and Blue House. 

Ruffled Eagles(Sept 2006)
A Party of One (Sept 2006) 

Daddy Loved the Mountains (July 2006)


Evelyn McAmis Bales
Evelyn was most recently published in The Anthology of Southern Poetry:  Tennessee Edition, edited by William Wright and Jesse Graves, and the Anthology of Appalachian Writers, edited by Wiley Cash. Two of her poems were performed by the Palm Beach, Florida, Repertory Theater in Tapestry: The Voices of Women Poets. Her poetry chapbook Kinkeeper was published by Finishing Line Press, Cincinnati, Ohio, as No. 18 in The New Women Voices Series.

At Ames Plantation (December 2012)


Mary Jo Balistreri
Mary Jo received her education at the U. of Pennsylvania. She spent most of her life as a concert pianist and harspichordist.
She has received many awards and was a Pushcart nominee in 2006. Poetry is now her music. Joy in the Morning was published in 2008.

Mary Jo Balistreri (April 2013)

A Changing Gift (Nov 2009)
January in Wisconsin (January 2010)
On the Anniversary of My Death II (March 2010)
Star Light Star Bright (September 2010)
Praise (December 2010)
A Winter Day (January 2011)
I Sing the Sea (February 2011)
Notes from the Florida Gulf (March 2011)
Awakening (August 2011)
Poetry (September 2011)
In The Moon When Lakes Start To Freeze, We Drive To Door County (November 2011)
The Summer of 2007 (June 2012)
Moving Meditation with High Tide (July 2012)
August at the Jersey Shore (August 2012)
South Dakota Summer (September 2012)
Autumn at Saylesville Pond (October 2012)
Celebrating Dad (June 2013)
A Wisconsin Landscape (November 2013)
Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground (June 2014)
Let It Begin With Me (December 2014)
Featured Poet January 2015*
Layered in Winter
Walking With the Wild
A Winter Day
Walking with Gerard Manly Hopkins on an Autumn Day (April 2015)
My Mother’s Landscape (May 2015)
In Days when Wood was Unaffordable (Feburary 2016)
Gathering The Harvest ( October 2016 )
Lisa Gheradini Sits for her Portrait (December 2016)
On the Cusp of Autumn (September 2017)
Wisconsin Drenched in Winter Quietude (December 2017)
In the Labyrinth of Old Love (Feburay 2018)
Moving Meditation with High Tide in Naples (July 2018)
How I Want To Remember Naples (July 2019)
Featured Poet August 2018
August Jubilation on a Florida Beach
On the Edge of Hurricane Isaac
Summer of 1962, a haibun
The Black Hills
I Stop Writing a Poem (May 2019)
Praise (June 2019)
Postcard to Grandpa (August 2019)
Discovering My Mother in a Painting by Mary Cassatt (May 2020) 
Story from the Blue Ridges (September 2020)
The Small Things (October 2020)
Letter to My Son (January 2021)
Fall Returns to Wisconsin (October 2021)
Score for a Hot Night in August (August 2022)
Featured Poet November 2022*
In a World of Turmoil
Pilgrimage to Mont-Sainte-Victoire
Where I Come From
Emissary of Light (January 2023)
Trattoria Venezia (February 2023)

Ekphrastic Poetry
Weighing In (May 2016)
Gabriel Münter Paints Her Lover (November 2017)
A Mind of Winter (December 2017)
At the Maison Fournaise Restaurant (May 2018)
To Relive (September 2018)
The Gathering (December 2018)
Crossing a Border (November 2019)
Pelican Bay (December 2019)
Thresholds ( March 2020 )
Interlude (February 2021)
Room in Brooklyn (September 2021)
New York, 1932 (September 2021)

In Honor of My Dad (June 2020)
Summer Haiku (July 2021)

First Bike (June 2018)
What Remains (June 2018)

Memorial Day (June 2014)
A Letter to Thomas Lux (April 2019)

Short Articles:
My Writing Process (November 2011)

Book Review:
LINE DANCE (February 2008)
Monet in Poetry and Paint (August 2019)

New Book release:
Gathering the Harvest (November 2012)
Still (Feburary 2019)

Spirited Apricot Brie (May 2024)

Sondra Ball
Sondra is adept in several genres. She is the editor of the AmerIndian e-zine Autumn Leaves. 

About This House (August 2004)
Women on the Lawn (August 2004)

KB Ballentine
KB Ballentineís sixth collection, The Light Tears Loose, was published last year by Blue
Light Press. Published in Crab Orchard Review and Haight-Ashbury Literary Journal,
among others, her work also appears in anthologies including In Plein Air
(2017) and Carrying the Branch: Poets in Search of Peace (2017).

New Book Release (May 2022)
Edge of the Echo

Invitation (November 2016)
In the Woods, Lichen Falls Quietly (March 2017)
Dream Sequence 3 (June 2017)

Featured Poet March 2021*
Rain, Whispering
What I Owe the Fading Day
Sea of Sighs (July 2021)
Disrupted dreams (Feburary 2022)
Equinox (March 2022)
The Unraveling (September 2022)

Farida Bamji

Poem for Springtime (May 2023)


Bakul Banerjee
Dr. Banerjee is an award-winning author and poet, and has published a second collection of previously published poems, titled Bathymetry: Poems, in 2017. Her chapbook, Synchronicity: Poems, was published in 2010. For the past twenty years, her poems and stories have appeared in several literary magazines and anthologies throughout the U.S. and India.


*Featured Poet January 2021*
Dreaming in Gallipoli, WWI, 1915
The Dulcimer — Klein Creek Farm
Reading Jibananada in Snowstorms

Circles of Light (April 2021 )
Loving Longer–A Ghazal (May 2023)


Judy Barat

The Beach (August 2015)
Vigilante (October 2018)

Daniele Barbero
Daniele Barbero is a veteran of the Italian Air Force, native of Asti, Piemonte. A notorious computer geek and packrat, Daniele currently has around 15 computers of varying architectures, and his favorite operating system is Sun Solaris. Need a weird keyboard or video card or funky 8MB memory chip? He probably has it.

Translation of the Poem: Rain in the Pine Woods by Gabriele D'Annunzio (January 2009)
"Ghereghez !"

Gretta Barclay

A Perfect Fall Day (November 2021)
Winter Stillness (January 2022)
The Buds of Spring (March 2022)
Songs for May (May 2022)

Sarah Bartlett:
Sarah's work appears in Adanna, Ars Medica, the Aurorean, Chrysalis, Colere, Lilipoh, Minerva Rising, Mom Egg Review, PMS:PoemMemoirStory, Women's Review of Books; numerous anthologies, including the award-winning “Women on Poetry,” (McFarland & Co. Inc., 2012); and two poetry chapbooks with Finishing Line Press, “Into the Great Blue” (2011) and New Women’s Voices Finalist #130, “Slow Blooming Gratitudes” (2017). Her work celebrates nature's healing wisdom and the human spirit’s landscapes. She was founding co-director for the first ten years of writinginsideVT, encouraging Vermont’s incarcerated women to write toward personal and social change within a supportive community.

Book Review (July 2017)

Peggy Barnett
Peggy was born in Queens, New York. She worked as a professional still-life photographer in Manhattan fo 40 years. She moved to Washington State in 2006. Country life has given her time to contemplate the memories that have
formed the patterns of her life.

*New Book Release November 2014
On Your Left

Featured Photographer (April 2013)
Sharmagne Leland-St. John (April 2019)

Potholes (May 2011)
If You Love Me (September 2011)
The Glass (October 2014)

Tina Barr
New Book Release May 2024
Pink Moon


Barton can usually be found at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in the springtime. 

In These Rooms (March 2002)

Ellen Bass
Ellen's most recent book of poetry is Mules of Love (BOA Editions). She teaches poetry and creative writing in Santa Cruz, CA. www.ellenbass.com. 

After Our Daughter's Wedding (October 2002)
Sentinel (October 2002)
And What if I Spoke of Despair (October 2002)
Pray for Peace (April 2003)

Frederick W. Bassett
Frederick, a retired academic, currently lives with his wife Peg in Greenwood, South Carolina. His poems have been widely published in journals and anthologies. Frederick's most recent book of poetry, The Old Stoic Faces in the Mirror, was published by Salt Marsh Cottage Books in 2010. He also has two published novels: South Wind Rising and Honey From a Lion.

Featured Poet September 2016
A Mockingbird Morning
Camping in Cheaha State Park
A Death in the Family

A Woman's Gingko Tree ( October 2016 )
To the Poet George Wither on Love (April 2017)
Monkey Mind (August 2017)
This Land (November 2018)
Mother, September 26, 1991 (May 2019)
On Palatine Hill (June 2019)

Ekphrastic Poetry:
Worlds Apart (September 2017)
Reflections on Frida Kahlo's The Bus (October 2017)
Tables for Two in an Alley (September 2018)
My First Sailing Lesson (October 2018)
On Displaying the Kill (December 2018)

Grace Bauer
Grace is the author of five books of poetry–most recently, MEAN/TIME (University of New Mexico Press) and a 25th anniversary re-print of The Women At The Well (Stephen F. Austin State University Press). She is also the co-editor of Nasty Women Poets: An Unapologetic Anthology of Subversive Verse (Lost Horse Press). She teaches in the Creative Writing Program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

 Modern Clothing (October 2015)



Caroline Beasley-Baker
Caroline is a poet and visual artist.   Her poems have appeared online and in print in Qarrtsiluni,   MungBeing  Magazine, MOBIUS /The Poetry Magazine, The MOM Egg, La Fovea,  and volumes 5 thru 8  of the Brevitas Festival Review of the  Short Poem.  Meritage Press published two chain poems done with writer/poet   Holly Anderson and singer/songwriter   Lisa B. Burns in The  Chained Hay(na)Ku Project anthology, 2010.

New Book Release
Lack of Diamond Years (May 2014)


Judy Bebelaar

Featured Poet July 2016
Fallen Leaf Lake
Red-Tailed Hawk
Some Birds

Alvin Beck

Tread Softly (November 2010)

Charlie Becker
Charlie is a retired speech and language therapist who enjoys studying and writing poetry. His first book of poems, "Friends My Poems Gave Me", was published by World Stage Press in 2016. He uses this book to bring poetry to under-served high school students in LAUSD through the Living Writers Series. Charlie finds inspiration each morning when he goes walking in West Hollywood.

Descanso Gardens (September 2017)
Afternoon Meditation (November 2017)
Mother's Work (May 2018)

Ed Bennet (November 30, 1948 – November 5, 2016)
Ed Bennett is a Telecommunications Engineer and a staff editor for "Quill and Parchment" who lives in Las Vegas. Originally from New York City, his work appeared in the Manhattan Quarterly and The Patterson Literary Review where he was a finalist for the Alan Ginsberg Poetry Award in 1997. His recent work has appeared in “The Externalist”, “Quill and Parchment”, “Touch: The Journal of Healing” and "The Lavendar Review". He is the author of the collection "A Transit of Venus", published by "The Lives You Touch Press". In his spare time he searches for relatives dropped off in Area 51.

Feminicidios (August 2009)
Featured Poet September 2009*:
Lone Mountain
Thanks to Custer
Mojave Snowfall (January 2010)
Indochine (Feb 2010)
Dreaming (June 2010)
Mojave Spring - The Petroglyphs (July 2010)
Ghost Fire (September 2010)
Desert Christmas (December 2010)
Testament (January 2011)
Dream Weaver (February 2011)
Look Homeward (June 2011)
The Rise of the Jellyfish (July 2011)
Death Valley (August 2011)
New York – 2 May 2011 (September 2011))
Desert Autumn (October 2011)
Thanksgiving Quandary (November 2011)
Winter Love Song (December 2011)
Lunch Box Poet (Feburary 2012)
The Irish Women (March 2012)
Papa's Reel (March 2012)
For William Carlos Williams (April 2012)
What We Did Last Summer (Sept 2012)
Gettysburg (October 2012)
Desert Noel (December 2012)
Auden’s Shadow (April 2013)
Cactus Flower (May 2013)
Father's Day (June 2013)
Desert Sky (August 2013)
Kaddish (September 2013)
How to Write a Poem (February 2014)
Solstice (November 2014)
*Featured Poet February 2015*
Valentine Song
Angie’s Dance
The Batting Cage (March 2015)
For Adrienne Rich (April 2015)
High Desert Afternoon (November 2015)
Break Up (January 2016)
Snow Canticle (Feburary 2016)
Bird (July 2016)

Featured Poet December 2016
Pas de Deux
Contentment: A Meditation
Mohave Eden

Firenze (Feburary 2017)
Night Magic (August 2017)
Indian Agent (September 2017)
Genealogy (September 2018)
Wind Woman (December 2018)
Ghost Fires (September 2020)
Reunion (Feburary 2022)
Desert Maja (February 2023)


Ekphrastic Poetry
Vincent's Bedroom in Arles (January 2012)
Three Ekphrastic Poems (January 2013)
Memorial Day (May 2016)
Van Gogh's "Fisherman's Wife on the Beach" (June 2016)

Book Reviews
“Breather” by Bruce Dethlefsen (March 2010)
Seeing in the Dark by Kristin Roedell (April2010)
One Child Sold: Human Trafficking and Rights (September 2010)
La Kalima ~ A Fourth Collection of Poetry (October 2010)
The Cartographer’s Skin (November 2010)
The Oldest Hands in the World (December 2010)
Wisdom Man: Banjo Clark (February 2011)
Poetry 180: A Turning Back to Poetry (April 2011)
Manoleria (May 2011)
My Life on Little River (June 2011)
Masque (August 2011)
At First Light (October 2011)
Harvest (November 2011)
The Next Best Thing (December 2011)
Unexpected Shiny Things (January 2012)
The Habit of Buenos Aires (Feburary 2012)
Necessity of Flight (March 2012)
Steady, My Gaze (April 2012)
Cradle Songs: (May 2012)
Wild as in Familiar (June 2012)
Into the Rumored Spring (July 2012)
The Little, Lingering, White, Lies We Allow Ourselves to Live With (poems of 2011) (August 2012)
Silent Slaughter (October 2012)
Rumors of Fallible Gods (November 2012)
Gathering the Harvest (December 2012)
Somewhere Piano (January 2013)
Pretty Little Rooms (February 2013)
Foreigner (March 2013)
Picasso's Ghost (April 2013)
If I Should Say I Have Hope (April 2013)
Coffee House Confessions (May 2013)
Girl Friend & Other Mysteries of Love (June 2013)
Night Circus (July 2013)
Something Like a River (August 2013)
Woman in Metaphor (September 2013)
The Gospel of the Bleeding Woman (October 2013)
Gold (November 2013)
Luz de Todos los Tiempos/Light of All Times (February 2014)
The Countries We Live In (March 2014)
Whiplash: (April 2014)
Sharing the Same Sky (May 2014)
The Way I Was Taught (September 2014)
Small Talk (October 2014)
Where it Goes (November 2014)
Words May Go (December 2014)
Nature of it All (January 2015)
I Ate the Cosmos for Breakfast (April 2015)
Where the Meadowlark Sings (May 2015)
Sky Studies (June 2015)
Cathedral and Highrise (July 2015)
Do-It-Yourself Paper Airplanes (August 2015)
in the lake of your bones (October 2015)
Sacrifices Have to be Human (November 2015)
The Eighth Phrase (December 2015)
Ruin and Light (January 2016)
Beyond Bulrush (February 2016)
Red Indian Road West: Native American Poetry from California (March 2016)
Roadworthy Creature, Roadworthy Craft (May 2016)
Dementia, My darling (June 2016)
Blood Moon Weather (July 2016)
Red Voice (August 2016)
The Lifeline Trembles (October 2016)

Theatre Review:
A Taste of Shakespeare (January 2011)

Interview with Carole Bugge (April 2010)
Interview with Kristin Roedell (July 2010)
Interview with Larry Jaffe (April 2011)

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor (November 2013)


December 2016
We dedicate this special issue to
our dear friend and colleague
Ed Bennett
November 30, 1948 – November 5, 2016

Jim Bennett
Jim was born and still lives near Liverpool in England. He grew up in Liverpool during the years of the Liverpool Sound and the Liverpool Poets and it is from this tradition that he developed his own unique style and voice. 

Walking On The Mesa ( Dec 2003)
Speaking in Silence ( Dec 2003)
Allan Ginsberg's typewriter ( July 2004)
Trees Are Green Sometimes (Nov 2004)
Too Many Stars (Dec 2004)
Trees Are Green Sometimes (Jan 2005)
The Sign at the End of the Road (Sept 2005)
Inventory 1953 (Sept 2005)
The War Poet(January2006)
Imaginary Dreams (July 2006)


Sean Bentley
Sean is currently focusing on photography, as well as nonfiction. But it’s probably just a phase. He is the son of Nelson and Beth Bentley, and born in Seattle. He was co-editor of Fine Madness magazine from 1984 to 2006 and is president 1998-2000 of Friends of Nelson Bentley. He lives in Bellevue and works as a technical writer for Tyler Technology. Sean Bentley’s poetry collections include: Grace & Desolation: New Poems (Cune Press, 1996),  Instances: Poems (Confluence Press, 1979), and Into the Bright Oasis (Jawbone Press, 1976).

Featured Photographer (April 2013)



Cesar Sanchez Beras
Cesar, a poet of the Dominican diaspora, lives in Lawrence, MA and teaches high school Spanish there. Several of his published books, all composed in Spanish, have won national awards, and much of his work has been translated into English.

Areíto Por Todos (November 2008)


Carl Berkowitz

Connected (March 2014)

Robert Beveridge

Rosemary and Roux (July 2022)

Nadia Hunter Bey
Nadia a Los Angeles-based poet was born and raised in the
San Fernando Valley, in the city of Sylmar. The importance of reading 
was instilled in Nadia early on in life, and it soon blossomed into a 
love of reading and writing poetry after receiving her first Maya Angelou 
book at the age of 12. Now 37 and “quietly quite loud,”, this Season 2 ,
Community Literature Initiative alumni has crafted, her writing to become,
her voice, and she uses it to share the stories of the voiceless and over-

New Book Release December 2017
The Restoration of Orange


Nancy Cummins Bierman

Sax Man (August 2021)
Happy Halloween (October 2021)
Late Winter (January 2022)
Geology: (July 2022)
Late Summer (September 2023)

George Bilgere

*Featured Poet February 2023*
How I Met Your Mother
Market Basket
I Heard a Fly Buzz
Avocados (June 2023)

Mikela Bjork

Mikela, (she/her) is a queer educator and consultant in Southern California. Her work engages the intersections of identity formation, motherhood, sexuality and capitalism. She has been published in Intima: A journal of narrative medicine; The Bombay Literary Magazine; OneArt Poetry,  Cutthroat Magazine, Altadena Poetry Review, and (forthcoming) Wild Librarian Press.

First Poem for August (May 2024)


First Poem for August (May 2024)




M. Kathryn Black

Waiting For High Tide (March 2003)
Solitude (Sept 2003)

Merry Katherine Blackwood 

Pagan Dreams (August 2001)

Richard Blaisdel

Short Articles:
The Leprechaun's Secret (March 2008)

Richard Blanco

The Island Within (April 2015)

Nick Blanchard-Wright

Short Articles
Port Townsend, Washington (October 2010)

Norbert Blei

Short Stories:
 Notes from the Underground… #138 (July 2008)

Sally Bliumis-Dunn

Angie, Leaving (September 2010)


Jane Blue
Jane lives in California near the Sacramento River. Her poetry has been been published in many magazines, on-line and in print. She has also authored several books. The most recent is Blood Moon, (FutureCycle Press 2014), available on Amazon.

Aflame (October 2015)


Florence Bonadero
Florence is a retired dietitian/nutritionist, has taught Italian cooking classes for adults, and is the author of the cookbook MANGIARE BENE 

Zia Francesca’s Biscotti Natale (Dec 2004)
Cranberry- Walnut Biscotti (Dec 2004)


Mary Bone

Grandfather’s Hands (June 2022)


Mel Bosworth
Mel Bosworth lives and breathes in Western Massachusetts.

Flash Fiction:
Dingo's Bend (March 2009)

Dan Boyd
New Book Release December 2021
View From the Back Window: Blue Collar Poetry on Life

Tara Bradford

Hearts (Feburary 2012)

Marlon Brando

Short Article:
That Unfinished Oscar® Speech (Sept 2009)

Harper Brautighan

The night has a soul of it's own (May 2011)

Dennis Wayne Bressack
Dennis lives in Woodstock, NY. For over 50 years, he has been writing, reading and publishing his poetry and chapbooks.

The Tour (November 2016)

Mary Beth Bretzlauf

New Book Release February 2021
The Majesty of Trees: Poets Respond Root, Trunk and Branch

New Book release October 2022
Odes: Poets Praising People, Places & Things

Bonnie Brezette

Butterflys (March 2012)
Featured Photographer (September 2012)
Featured Photographer (January 2013)


Mary Beth Bretzlauf

New Book Release September 2021
Shoes: Poems About Footwear

New Book Release May 2023
The Path that Beckons: Poems About the Journey



Karyn Hughes Briggs
Karyn is a 35 year old, divorced, Southern poet, who's been scribbling for twenty-something years! Her rehabilitation from a car accident in 1996 only serves to inspire her further! 

Cinquain (November 2001)
Now (October 2001)
Pain (July 2001) 

Love (February 2002)

Charles D. Brockett

New Book Release (December 2022)
THE POWER OF THE PAUSE: The Wonder of Our Here & Now


Debbi Brody
Debbi teaches writing workshops throughout the Southwest. Her work has been published extensively in regional and national journals of note as well as in numerous anthologies.

Ekphrastic Poetry
Wedding Night in Arles, 1852 (January 2012)
I See You, Ten Years from Now, Age 26 (May 2012)
High Beams (June 2012)
The Painter and the Poet (May 2020)

Katy Brown

Poetry in the Time of Drought (March 2013)
Featured Poet June 2014*
My father was a baritone:
Orion's Daughter
Orion's Daughter II

The Language of Stones (November 2016)

Ekphrastic Poetry March 2015*
More Sky than Earth
It might as well be Patagonia

Michael R. Brown
Michael R. Brown, a teacher for 54 years, has published four books of poetry, including "Susquehanna." He and his former partner brought the poetry slam to New England. He and his current partner publish the poetry quarterly Off the Coast.

The Man Who Owned the Susquehanna (November 2016)


Mahogany L. Browne

New Book Release (April 2016)

William W. Brownson, Jr.
William is a child of the 1940's who served in the Military during the Cuban Crisis and early part of the Vietnam conflict. Since he is totally unable to handle reality, he writes Science Fiction. Having no poetic abilities at all, he just likes to make up stories. 

Serialised Short Stories:
Billy (July 2001)
Billy -- continuation (August 2001)

Helen-Lee Brownstein
Award winning poet Helen-Lee lives in Canada. 

A Prayer For Sunset (May 2007)

John Bruce

Flash Fiction:
Kissing Contest (March 2009)


Peter Bryant

Loads of Loamy Lines (May 2024)

Jerry Buchanan

Ekphrastic Poetry
Metamorphosis (December 2020)

Paul Buchheit

New Book Release (November 2022)
Alice in Wonderland


B.J. Buckley
B.J. is a Montana poet and writer who has worked in Arts-in-Schools/Communities programs for more than 40 years. She is currently Writer-in-Residence at Sanford Cancer Center, Sioux Falls, SD. Her work has appeared widely in print and online journals, and she is the recipient of several national awards. Her most recent book is Corvidae, Poems about Ravens, Crows, and Magpies, Lummox Press 2014,

New Book Release (May 2022)
In January, the Geese

Litany, Late January (June 2018)

*Featured Poet (June 2019)*
Smoot's Bees, Again
Horses Lying Down in a Grassy Field 
Three Evensongs
* **

Summer Reading (August 2019)
The Sky a Blank Page (September 2019)

The killing Floor (November 2019)
Spring Nocturne ( March 2020 )
Surely I am coming soon (June 2020)
Butter (December 2022)
Hoppers (September 2023)
Crows (October 2023)


Robin M. Buehler
Robin is a photojournalist in Southern New Jersey. Her writings and photography have appeared in a variety of online and print publications. 

Quilted Freedom (July 2005)

Carole Buggé
Carole Buggé (C. E. Lawrence) is the author of nine published novels, award-winning plays, musicals, poetry and short fiction. A two time Pushcart Poetry Prize nominee, her most recent Lee Campbell thrillers are Silent Slaughter and Silent Stalker, under the pen name C. E. Lawrence. Her short stories were selected for the two most recent Mystery Writers of America anthologies. Her Sherlock Holmes novels, The Star of India and The Haunting of Torre Abbey, have recently been reissued, along with her Claire Rawlings mystery series.

Chopping Wood With My Father (March 2005)
The New York State Thruway (January 2007)
Portrait of T.S. Eliot (April 2008)
Meditation on an Ancient Widow (May 2008)
Satori On a Rainy Night (January 2009)
Migration (March 2010)
In Other Words (February 2011)
On “Bluebird” by Mary Coleridge (April 2011)
On the Death of My Father (June 2011)
To A Woman I Never Met (July 2011)
The Pigeons (November 2012)
Scotland in October (October 2013)
What I Want (November 2013)
To a Dying Friend (February 2014)
As Good As It Gets (August 2017)
Chrysalis (July 2018)

*Featured Poet (September 2018)*
Hurley Mountain Road Midnight
Red Bank Road
Thoughts While Playing Bach at Midnight
A Mother Speaks of Boston (May 2019)

Interview with Ed Bennett (June 2010)

Ekphrastic Poetry
The Parting Cup (May 2016)
The Dream (February 2021)

David Bull
David Bull lives in Sydney, Australia and divides his time between working in construction and oil painting.
He’s particularly Interested in landscapes, still life and painting his dog, Penny. His main quest is to explore
how colour changes when in shadow.

Featured Artist Nov2021


Jim Bumgarner

The Yellow Canary (September 2020)

New Book Release
Reflections: Life, the River, and Beyond (March 2021)

Patrice Bunge

The Facts of Life (May 2018)



Nicolette Burbatsky

"1"(October 2011)

John Burgess
John grew up in upstate New York, worked on a survey crew in Montana, taught English in Japan and now lives and works in Seattle. He has three books of poetry from Ravenna Press: Punk Poems (2005), A History of Guns in the Family (2008) and Graffito (2011).

"nonhaiku"(January 2012)


Stephanie Burt 

New Book Release (June 2020)
Don’t Read Poetry
(A Book about How to Read Poems)

D.C. Buschmann

New Book Release June 2021
Nature: Human & Otherwise

An Apple Half Pared (June 2021)

Renee Butner

New Book Release Feburary 2024
Hunting for Shark’s Teeth–Poems


James Dalton Byrd
Georgian by circumstance, Northlander by desire, Texan forever. Carver of wood and tall tales. Artist, scientist, musician. 

New Book Release:
Words from the River (February 2014)

Magic in the Sparks... Dancers in the Flames (October 2005)
In the Glowing of Fall (October 2006)
The Perfect Slice (March 2007)
The Man Who Loved Time (June 2007)
A Poem’s Way (May 2009)
Grendel’s Child (October 2009)
Dawn of a lesser light (June 2012)
A Poet Speaks (April 2013)
Compass of the Magi (July 2014)
jhana (December 2015)

Ekphrastic Poetry
Grandpa (August 2012)

Rainy Day Riff (April 2009)
One Step Down (May 2009)
Bouquet (May 2009)

May in the Adirondacks Title photo January 2011

Bara Byrnes
Bara, the most eclectic of the eclectic, is an actress, writer poet, Realtor and cookie baker. 

Here Today . . . Gone Tomorrow (October 2002)


Elena Karina Byrne


Master & Servant: Mask (December 2016)


Christopher Caldwell
Chris is a writer from Los Angeles living in Denver. An Octavia E. Butler Scholar, he is interested in exploring issues pertaining to sex and sexuality, gender, race, and ethnicity.

Stopping in a Field While the Road Stretches Forever (June 2011)
His love was enormous; it cleared rooms that desperately wanted to be full (October 2011)

David Cale
David, a photographer and poet lives in Brampton, Ontario, Canada.
Featuring his Photo's in our October 2009 100th issue 

Christmas in Ortona (December 2001)
Mont Aguille (November 2001)
Sea of Remembering (June 2002)
"War" On Terrorism (Sept 2002)
The Blinding (Sept 2002) 

Christmas in Ortona (December 2001)
Mont Aguille (November 2001)
Execution of Ideals (Sept 2002)

Harry Calhoun
Harry has had work published at odd poetry whistlestops for the past 30 years. Recently, he has had two Pushcart nominations, a Sundress Best of the Net nomination and publications in Chiron Review, Abbey, Orange Room Review, Gutter Eloquence and others.

New Book Releases:
The Black Dog and the Road (March 2010)
The Insomnia Poems (November 2011)

Julia Callahan
Julia is first and foremost a book lover. She spent four years as the publicity assistant at Book Soup Bookstore in West Hollywood before moving on to being a publicist at Rare Bird Lit. She lives in Los Angeles and in her spare time plays roller derby for the LA Derby Dolls.

Book Reviews;
East of Eden (October 2010)

Luis Cámara

Featured Photographer January 2019

Featured Artist ( March 2020 )

Steven Camer
New Book Release December 2023
Departures from Rilke

Lauren Camp
Lauren produces and hosts “Audio Saucepan,” an eclectic music and poetry program that airs weekly on Santa Fe Public Radio. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Beloit Poetry Journal, caesura, Rhino and other journals. She has also guest edited special sections for World Literature Today and Malpaís Review. The author of the poetry collection, This Business of Wisdom (West End Press), Lauren is also an interdisciplinary artist and a part-time educator. She writes daily about poetry on her blog Which Silk Shirt

New Book Releases:
The Business of Wisdom (August 2010)


Kay Caputi

Cradle of Dreams (February 2008)
Writing a Note to Mommy (May 2008)


William Carey
William invests in real estate and writing. He lives and works in the Chicago area.

Superman (June 2020)



Julianne Carlile
Julianne is an author (The Little Red Hound), poet and screenwriter who lives with her dog, Nicky.

A Valediction (April 2015)
The Dream Fish (July 2015)

Ekphrastic Poetry
This Too Shall Pass (December 2020)


Raganath “RJ” Carnahan
Bio Page

Featured Photographer (September 2019)


Robin Carneen
Robin a Swinomish Tribal Member in La Conner, WA. is a poet, writer, film maker, singer songwriter- and the host and producer of an internet show called: NAMAPAHH First People's Radio offering Native American news, views, music, occasional poems, and other literature and film by or about Indigenous People.  

Snow Geese Came Early (December 2008)


Craig Carothers
Craig is from the Pacific Northwest, but now makes his home in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Invisible People
by Gene Nelson and Craig Carothers (Sept 2004)


Samantha Carr

What Colour is a Black Hole? (November 2021)

Laurence Carr

New Book Release
A Slant of Light: Contemporary Women Writers of the Hudson Valley (December 2013)

Enriqueta Carrington

Suites for Cello Solo (December 2013)
In the Beginning (May 2014)

Patrick Carrington
Patrick is the author of Hard Blessings (MSR Publishing, 2008), Thirst (Codhill, 2007), and Rise, Fall and Acceptance (MSR Publishing, 2006), and winner of New Delta Review's 2008 Matt Clark Prize and Yemassee's Pocataligo Contest in poetry. He teaches creative writing in New Jersey and serves as the poetry editor of Mannequin Envy.
Look for Patrick's feature in the March 2007 issue. 

Marielle’s White Shirt (March 2007)
Whispers from the Pier (March 2007)
Across Grand Central (March 2007)
Reverence (March 2007)


Bella Mahaya Carter

Altarpiece (August 2012)

Liane Kupferberg Carter
Liane Kupferberg Carter is a New York-based essayist and author of an award-winning memoir, Ketchup Is My Favorite
Vegetable: A Family Grows Up With Autism.
Her work has been published in The New York Times, Washington Post, New
York Magazine, Brevity, Longreads,
and (forthcoming) The Rumpus.

Elegy (May 2020)


Carolyn Chilton Casas

Ms. Casas lives on the central coast of California, the perfect landscape for a love of hiking and playing beach volleyball. She is a Reiki master and teacher, whose favorite theme for writing is about ways to heal. Her stories and poems have appeared in Braided Way, Energy, A Network for Grateful Living, Reiki News Magazine, Touch, and in other publications. Her first collection of poems is titled Our Shared Breath.

Fortunate (May 2022)
Solitaire (June 2022)
Where First Memories Were Formed (August 2022)


Peter Cashwell
Peter, born in North Carolina, has worked at lots of different jobs -- radio announcer, rock musician, comic-book critic, improv comedy accompanist. He now teaches English and speech at Woodberry Forest School in the foothills of Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains. 

Unknown Birds in Unknown Trees (January 2002)


Jan Garden Castro
Jan is author of Mandala of the Five Senses and The Last Frontier (poems),The Art & Life of Georgia O'Keeffe (Art monograph), and other books. She is a member of brevitas, peer poetry, and Pen Women's Poetry groups.

Insects on Rondout Creek (November 2016)


Tatjana Cechun
Featured Artist November 2021

C.E. has been publishing in journals for 40 years. Credits are too numerous to list. His new book, "Unexpected Light," was just released by Diminuendo Press He lives in Mendocino, CA, with his wife and editor, Kathleen Chaffin, two cats and a dog named J. Alfred Prufrock.  

Mom's Passing (September 2008)
The Junk Drawer (September 2008)
CO (September 2008)
After Rain (January 2009)
Details (January 2011)

Kaila Chan
Kaila is a born and bred Southern California girl who now makes her home in Glendale, Arizona. Kaila's children are grown and out of the house, giving her time to explore new hobbies such as golf, quilting and scrapbooking. 

I Can Picture Her Now (May 2002)
When did it Happen? (August 2001)
Where Does Your Culture End and Mine Begin? (with Sharmagne Leland-St. John- January 2002 ) 

Two Voice Dialogues:
Play Ball (Nov 2001) 

Thoughts on Father's Day (June 2001)
A Summer to Remember (July 2001)
Christmas Memories ( December 2002) 

I Feel You ( June 2001)

Haiku (June 2002)

Short Articles:
Gung Hay Fat Choy! (February2007)

Gung Hay Fat Choy! (Feb 2010)

Refreshing Summer Salad recipes (August 2001)
Corned Beef and Cabbage (March 2004)
April 2005
Enjoy the Dim Sum Experience!
Shu Mai
Ginger Dipping Sauce
Chinese Steamed Meatballs
Pork Spareribs in Black Bean Sauce
Coconut Gelatin Squares
Kaila's Corn Bread (July2006)
Vegetable Lo Mein (February 2011)

Catherine Chandler

New Hampshire Interval (April 2012)
Featured Poet May 2012
For My Granddaughter
Mother’s Day


Ann Fox Chandonnet

New Book Release March 2024
The Shape of Wind on Water: New and Selected Poems

Robin Chapman

Robin's tenth poetry collection, The Only Home We Know (Tebot Bach, 2019), is available from Small Press Distribution.
She lives in Wisconsin and is recipient of Appalachia's 2010 Helen Howe Poetry Prize

The Chimney Swifts of Madison (March 2021)

Fred Chappel

Pot Luck Supper: Aunt Lavinia Strikes (November 2023)

Joan Chaput

Home for the Holidays: a Rengay (December 2023)


Noam Chen

Featured Photographer September 2020

Isabel Chenot
Isabel's poems, stories, artwork, essays, and translation efforts have appeared in Shotglass, Avocet, Blue Unicorn, Tinderbox,
& other places–including Quill and Parchment. A fairy tale is to be released in 2021 with Propertius Press.

New Book Release August 2022
The Joseph Tree

The Salmon Migrate (August 2019)
Cloud Wisps (March 2020)

*Featured Poet May 2021*
May Triptych
May Triptych II

Terry Chess

Arrogant Apples (June 2023)
Needle (August 2023)
Winter Morning (January 2024)

Mandy Christie

December Day (December 2010)

Judy Clarence

Construction of a Pie (May 2022)
Featured Poet July 2022
Portland in Summer
The Creek in Summer
Darjeeling Railway
Fifth and Morrison, 1927 
I Knew an Old Lady and She Died (April 2024)


Antonia Clark
Antonia works as a medical writer in Burlington, Vermont. She has taught creative writing in community college and adult education programs, and is currently co-administrator of an online poetry forum, The Waters.

Hush (August 2007)

Kevyn Clark
Kevyn lives in Santa Cruz, California and is the author of Corner of Divisadero and Whatever.

Mass (Jan 2002)
Driving Daniella'sLullaby (Feb 2002)
A Poem for Efrain Bartolomé (March 2002)
This (April 2002)
Gravity (July 2002)
black (Sept 2002)
higher power (October 2002)
Obsequies (May 2003)

 JD Clay 
Jadi is lives in Southern California where he is a syntax junkie.  

In the Wake of an Albatross (June 2008)

Antoinette Nora Claypoole
Antoinette is a contemporary American author, activist and poet. Her most notorious work comes from her first published book, Who Would Unbraid Her Hair: The Legend of Annie Mae which documents the life and death of Canadian activist, Anna Mae Pictou Aquash

Unsettling Realms of a Friendly Nation (Jan 2005)

Ginger Claytonh

Ekphrastic Poetry
I, Butterfly (March 2012)


Elayne Clift 

Elayne is a writer, journalist, workshop leader and lecturer. She has published two books of poetry as well as several short story collections, a novel, two memoirs, and several anthologies. Her latest book, "Around the World in Fifty Years: Travel Tales of a Not So Innocent Abroad" will be published in March.

New Book Release (July 2019)
Around the World in Fifty Years

New Book Release December 2021
A 21st Century Plague: Poetry from a Pandemic

Love at First Sight (Feburary 2019)
Autumn in Dorset, Vermont (October 2021)
Ode To A Writer’s Retreat (April 2022)
Deep Waters (August 2022)
Mentors and Mamas (May 2023)
All I Really Need …(April 2024)

Ekphrastic Poetry
Breathing in the Arno (June 2019)
Blue Skies and Back Stories (November 2019)
Nourishment (May 2024)

Deenaz P. Coachbuilder, Ph.D.
Deenaz is an artist and creative writer. Her oil on canvas and
wood paintings have been displayed solo, and in exhibitions of collections. She is the
author of two books of poems, Imperfect Fragments (2014) and Metal Horse and
Shadows: A Soulís Journey
(2019). Her poems have appeared in numerous journals and
anthologies in the U.S. and internationally. Deenaz is a retired school administrator, and
adjunct University professor with a specialty in curriculum for individuals with mild to
moderate, and moderate to severe disabilities.

New Book Release (January 2020)
Metal Horse and Shadows: A Soul’s Journey

Featured Artist (August 2019)

Grace (July 2019)
Fire and Earth (November 2019)
The space that binds us (May 2020)
A whiff of cologne (June 2020)
The careless tourist (July 2020)
The sun ignites my soul (September 2020)
2021 (January 2021)
We FaceTime (May 2021)
I touched his face (October 2021)



Barbara Cohen
Barbara lives in the Pacific Northwest.

A Middle-Aged Woman Stopped at Her Border (June 2007)


Julia Cohen

New Book Release
Collateral Light (November 2013)

Allesha Coleman
Allesha is an art student living in Nacadocious, Texas. 

Southern Baked Chicken (Sept 2005)
Texas Style Corn (Sept 2005)
Steamed Savoy Cabbage (Sept 2005)


Larry Colker
Larry Colker is a co-host of the long-running weekly Redondo Poets reading in Redondo Beach, CA. A video of Larry reading his poetry can be found at www.poetry.la.

Featured poet November 2009
What the Lizard Knows
The Caterpillars
To Reach Out


Derek Collins
Derek is apparently better at writing poetry than he is at giving short biography's. He is unable to convince his fiancé that she is the most beautiful woman in the world yet she is his inspiration for everything. He likes Rainer Maria Rilke, Billy Collins, no bake cookies and sings out loud in his car complete with air drums.  

Marlon Brando’s Stanley is Wet (January 2009)
Remember (February 2009)


Patrick Colpron
Photo of Credit for Notre-Dame cathedral on the featured poem
paris match
by Patrick Colpron

Debra Conklin 

Fireworks (October 2001)

Brendan Constantine

New Book Release (May 2016)
Dementia, my Darling

Ekphrastic Poetry
Stonehenge at Twilight (June 2016)

Glenna Cook
Glenna is a poet of the Pacific Northwest, now residing in Tacoma. She has been published in a variety of journals, including, Raven Chronicles, Spindrift, Poet's West, and crosscurrents review. She was granted a residency at Hedgebrook, a women writer's retreat on Whidby Island, for September 2014.

Modern Woman (January 2014)

E.K. Cooper

I Heard It Snow (January 2017)

William Corbett

New Book Release:
Elegies for Michael Gizzi (August 2012)

Rachel Corrie
Rachel, born April 10, 1979 died March 16, 2003, was from Olympia, Washington. She was an American peace activist as well as a member of the pro-Palestinian group called International Solidarity Movement (ISM). She was crushed to death by an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) armored bulldozer in Rafah, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip under contested circumstances during the height of the second Palestinian intifada.


Flavia Cosima
Flavia is an award wining Romanian born Canadian poet, author and translator. She took her Master's in electrical engineering at the Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest. After that she studied drama for two years. In Romania she worked as a radio and television Sound director. She continues to work in this field as an independent producer/director/writer for TV documentaries. Flavia has published so far 22 books of which 17 poetry collections

Beyond (August 2008)


Amelia Cotter

New Book Release (July 2022)



Kathy Lohrum Cotton
Kathy is an Illinois poet and editor, facilitates the Southern Chapter of the Illinois State
Poetry Society (ISPS). This pandemic anthology is the third collection she and the
Carbondale-based group have created. Cotton also supports the art of poetry as a board
member of ISPS and the National Federationís annual Encore Prize Poems. Her latest
poetry collection, published in 2020, is Common Ground.

New Book Release (March 2021)

The First Six Months: Poems During a Pandemic

New Book Release (November 2021)
Remember: Poems for the 20th Anniversary of 9/11

New Book Release (December 2022)

New Book Release March 2024
Aligned with the Sky: Poems

Book Review:
Haiku and Senryu You: a book of short shorts (Feburary 2024)

Discovering Another Poet (April 2021 )
Featured Poet July 2021*
Summer Garden
The Year of No Garden
Donnie’s First Garden
Midwest July
Our First Summer (August 2021)
The Scent of Rain (March 2022)
Ripening (July 2022)
Waiting (October 2023)
New Script (November 2023)
An Acrostic Golden Shovel poem for Robert Frost (January 2024)
57th Anniversary Conversation (Feburary 2024)
March Winds (March 2024)
Listening to Lilacs (May 2024)

Star Coulbrooke
Star, Poet Laureate of Logan City, Utah, is co-founder and coordinator of Helicon West, a bi-monthly open readings/featured readers series. Published in lit mags and anthologies, her poems are also available in chapbooks, notably Thin Spines of Memory and Walking the Bear. (WTB is available through the Digital Stacks at the University of Utah Marriott Library.) Star is director of the Utah State University Writing Center.

Poet Laureate of Logan City, Utah 2014-2019

Early Death (June 2017)

*Featured Poet July 2017*
On the Farm End of July
Rural in Summer
Apple Tree

Song For a Daughter Thirty Days Clean (January 2018)

*Featured Poet May 2018 *
Solstice Kitchen 
Mother a Month Gone
How Much It Takes


Chuck Cover
Featured Photographer (September 2013)

Watching the Birds (March 2021)

Sue Cover
Featured Photographer (September 2013)



David Coyote
David’s short stories appear in Emerging Voices and Holiday Choir – New Voices, anthologies by LBF Books. One can purchase his novella, Roomful of Rainbows online or from brick & mortar bookstores. His poems, photographs, and fiction have appeared in Powder Burn Flash, The Alliance For Zero Extinction, Quill & Parchment and Gator Springs Gazette. When he's not roaming, the coyote calls San Diego, California, "home".

As I Slept (July 2009)


Steven Cramer

New Book Release January 2021

Book reviews
Poems from Snowdonia (February 2021)

Mary Eliza Crane
A native of New England, Mary Eliza has made her home in the Cascade foothills for many years, finding poetic inspiration on the banks of the Snoqualmie River. She has two books, "What I Can Hold In My Hands" (2009) and "At First Light" (2011), both published by Gazoobi Tales Publishing.

Piecrust (May 2011)
*Featured poet June 2011*
For My Dad
My Father's Sweater
Grosbeaks (November 2012)
Love Story (February 2014)

Garth Craven

Featured Poet December 2014 *
You and the Waterfall
The River
The Rhythm and the Dance

Midnight is Solid Rock (November 2014)
The Beginning (February 2015)

Jacqueline Craven

Autumn (October 2014)
Featured Poet November 2014
Our daily bread
Baptized by the rain
Nothing but the tick of the old school clock
Lying in limbo (January 2015)
Homage to now (February 2015)

James Crews

When Fear Takes Over (September 2023)


Larry Crist

Larry lives in Seattle. His poems and stories have recently appeared in Floating Bridge Review, Pontoon, Tapestries, Hawaii Review, Hurricane Review, and Pear, and he is a regular contributor to Real Change, Seattle’s homeless newspaper.  

On Break At Open Mic (January 2008)

Shakira Croce

New Book Release September 2022
Leave It Raw

Barbara Crooker (née Poti)
Barbara’s book Radiance won the 2005 Word Press First Book Award and was a finalist for the 2006 Paterson Poetry Prize. Line Dance, her new book, is now out from Word. She has also won the Thomas Merton Poetry of the Sacred Award. Originally from Fishkill, NY, she now lives and writes in rural northeastern Pennsylvania.

New Book Release April 2024
Slow Wreckage: Poems

Instead (Sept 2006)
Poem For My Brother (November 2006)
Praise Song (November 2006)
Poem Ending With A Line By Rumi (November 2006)
On the Day of Her Diagnosis (October 2007)
August (August 2008)
Late Prayer (December 2016)
Why I Love Being Married to a Chemist (Feburay 2018)
Artless (April 2018)
Reading the Leaves (Feburary 2019)

New Book Releases:
MORE (2010) (May 2010)
Les Fauves (Feburary 2017 )
The Book of Kells (March 2019)

Severn Culis-Suzuki


Sammy H. Cundiff
Sammy, a native Kentuckian, long-time artist and former gallery owner, studied at the University of Kentucky, The Cincinnati Academy of Art, and at workshops with Neil Di Teresa and Sheldon Tapley. She has always been interested in the forms and patterns of the land, and the effects of light and shadow on those forms. The beauty and tranquility of the central and southern Kentucky landscape is especially attractive to her as a painting subject.

Featured Artist November 2011

Anne Cunningham
Anne is a seasoned word surgeon (medical transcriptionist) by day, student, brooding poet by night, and mixed media collage artist in the oft and between, taking what life gives her and reapproximating it all into something she can use, her current reign of terror in the Great Lakes area of Wisconsin. 

Featured Artist Feburary 2016

Joy Ripping Into Silence (December 2004)
Six-Sided Tears For Fears (Jan 2005)

John Curl

Book Review March 2017
Rise (an anthology of Power and Unity)

Tony Curtis

Returning the Stones (February 2023)


Tyler Joseph Cusick
Tyler claims to be a paradigm of old values for the new generation, with 65k miles hitch-hiked, 80k overall, selling poetry to individual "Man on the Street" clients. He was self published in the US 50 by 21, and had his first national television feature at 23. He currently lives in San Diego.

By The Light of Reason (August 2001)
And Come Now, The Dreams (August 2001)

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