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Chanukah Wishes
by Eddy Robey

May the light of tolerance
Shine from your eyes
May the warmth of candle glow
Be felt in your heart
May faith in miracles
Guide your footsteps
May love for one another
Ever be the gift you give
May you be blessed with friendship.

The Winter is here.
It is fitting that Chanukah often begins on the longest night of the year,
for this holiday denies the rule of darkness.
Our faith is the spark which will light the first candle, and it will light another.
Each night the brightness will grow, and the night will be shorter.
The flame is eternal; let it guide your path through life.

  Eddy Robey M.A.
  Author of  It's Not Just Chicken Soup.

Like all Jewish mothers, I feed everyone in sight,
and have been at work in the kitchen for over 25 years.

Correspondence should be addressed to <>
and will be read as soon as the dishes are done.
Gantseh Megillah
Please feel free to forward this to anyone you think would enjoy it, as long as you include my copyright.

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