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The latest from Quill and Parchment Press USA
and Wynterblue Publishing Canada Inc. and a
very proud addition to our in-print list, is
Precious Love by Canadian poet Karen Schwartz

This is a limited first edition printing of 100 books.

From the book:

Does Size Really Matter
By Karen Schwartz

I ask myself this question
standing frozen in place, horrified,
a plate of fries the only thing
separating me from the hideous spider.
A fraction of my body mass,
this gangling arachnid
with its spindly legs
possesses more power over me
than a mammal triple my size.
What can the common house spider
do to make my skin crawl. Or is it just that,
the fact that it can?
The mere mention of its name
brings bouts of itchiness
the strength of chicken pox.
I blush in embarrassment
as I reach for the beer bottle,
first for its squishing ability
and then for the medicinal qualities
I will need when it’s all over.

From Tom Conroy, poet and publisher of League of Laboring Poets:

I have seen this poet mature from a person spewing forth
emotions to a craftsperson who uses imagery to take
mundane experiences, enhance them with importance,
sensuality and deep meaning. Karen's poems demand
reflection and motivate us to bring our own
experiences and insights to her playground of living.
Never pedantic, always playful, she has mastered
multi-level poetry. In LOVE SPIRAL, Karen reminds
us to reflect upon, and own, past relationships –

"Twelve years after our divorce,
I now sometimes wonder with regret,
if the bar where we met still existed,
would our love still be alive today?"

Rather than being a gatekeeper, Karen is a tour guide
who openly shares herself then seems to turn to her
reader and ask, "What about you?"

This is a poet who has much to offer to both men and
women. She looks at all things from several angles
while offering us the option to simply ride along
enjoying her imagery, or, to climb over each symbol
and claim it as our own. I choose the later option and
thank her for the challenge.

This is one of the few books I will never lend out for
fear I won't get it back. But I will recommend it to
everyone who reads poetry.

Precious Love by Karen Schwartz
A Wynter-Quill Publication
ISBN-13: 978-1-926614-08-3

Front Cover art courtesty of:
Jane Burton/Warren Photographic

Available online for $15.00 US plus $3.00 US  ~ S&H


Quill and Parchment Press
2357 Merrywood Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90046
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Wynterblue Publishing Canada Inc.
PO Box 868
North Bay, Ontario, P1B 8K1, CANADA
$ 15.00 CAD + S&H

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