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by Sara Wadington

Do you know what you have wrought
With these messages of love
Do you know how intense is my desire
How it  blossoms in gloried splendour
Within this garden of my soul
Flower hearts drip nectar divine
Purest ambrosia fit for a god
This for your sweet lips
I kneel before you as your servant
Do with me as you will
I offer myself to you alone
My precious gifts to tempt you
Longing to feel your passion rise
Join me in sensual euphoria
To the heavens we shall ride

My desire for you is so overwhelming
To ravish you in blissful splendor
Coming together~ then floating away
Exploding in ecstasies eternal fire

Ah!  See what I am now?
You've honed me with your words of love
You've made me mad with the want of you
This desire seeped so sweetly deep
And I blossomed there for you

I know you better than you know
For it was you who created me
You mixed all the elements in your mind
And evoked this fantasy
I only come alive when you're here
But now
I feel your attention wander
To another lusty femme-fatal
My love, must I beg
You've brought me to life
Don't stop now
Don't let me fade 
a w a y...

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