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Love Letters 
by  DW Stevenson

The Declaration...

My love for you knows no bounds
Mine is the purest heart around
Precision tool of ardent, living flesh

It beats its rhythm just for you
A thudding devotion tried and true
Ensconced about your essence oh so fresh

In your absence it must obey
It counts each minute of the day
Until the time of your precedent return

Through its concourse of throbbing veins
The hot, swift blood cannot restrain
Impetus of the cause for which it yearns

Endless waves of tortured bliss
Mindless of the deep abyss
Blindly plunges downward without falter

Should you spurn this pure heart sweet
An unpaid ransom lain at your feet
It dies upon love's sacrificial alter

The Riposte...

Yes, you have a love that's true
But you should know that mine is too
Words defy the thoughts I would convey

And though your pure heart noble be
My dear, mine beats the same in me
No lesser passion could it so display

Your gentle smile, your strong embrace
The loving way you touch my face
Succor to my aching soul in need

You fulfill my every hope and dream
I hold you in such high esteem
Fidelity forever is my song and creed

Let this answer allay your fears
For I shed no penitential tears
Never a choice in which I could decline

You are my love, my life, my heart
I was yours right from the start
Eternally, I remain your Valentine

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