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Just Another Breath
by Deborah Russell

Poet the whisper'd kiss both here and there
My breath, my eyes, my hair and tangled near
The words I long to touch, to taste, to hear
With rhyme and phrase that soothe to ease despair
What poems my lips had read through emptiness
Forgotten springs and summers green anew
And morning writes a rain of tenderness
To bathe again the heart and hand adieu
While poem returns, remembered in a dream
To dance among the stars and morning dew
In poetry that's read by very few
That lights the night like softly falling beam
And in my heart there stirs a light refrain
For that which touches tender - now, again

Thus in the narrow space of night and day
The dusty poems have vanished one by one,
And twilight waits for just another breath
It's not for me to write what poem has gone,
But to remain steadfast in what I say
And sail a poem of peace into the depth



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