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#1 Sonnet
by Gabriela Anaya Valdepeņa

On your behalf, I woo my heart. Tonight
I am both Cyrano and Lady fair.
Since Love's dark woods enfeeble you with fright,
So must I be, myself, both prey and snare.

Pity to her, who must twice burdened be,
Hosting reluctant and apparent heart.
Better the soul exhaust itself than seethe
In solitude, a player with no part.

One love is obstinate, the other cowers.
In vain, I wait for my long promised savior.
This wasted wine drowns the impotent hours.
Shall I drink to your indifference or disfavor?

Desire will out, dawn strike the coup de grace.
Love's bell will sound, or Hell it's last Hurrahs.



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