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Twilight In Your Eyes
by Deborah Russell

We breathe
sun slashed clouds
and taste salted skin, as if
we found the place
we’d never been…

We balanced on the edge
of a rocky coast, somewhere
in California...

Some have said love like this
is harmless to your health
and some say
that love may kill you

But your sweet breath
climbs inside my mind
like paper white
and wraps around my skin
the scents of heaven

And you and I
breathe both, a beginning
and an end…

You are sunrise
with twilight in your eyes
and I know
I’m almost certain
that I know -
if this doesn’t kill me
it will make me stronger
I only wish that love
would last a little longer…

And so I rise and say
goodbye forever to
this day -
to the sun slashed clouds
and to salted skin
and love that ends before
it ever begins


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