by Candace Turner

Naked beneath a forgotten lover's tee shirt
knees drawn to chest
I sit and rock
back'n forth
a mindless rhythm
My hand holds a coffee cup of white wine

Beads of sweat gather between my breasts
drip to a salty reservoir
Van Morrison, entices me to follow him
"Into the Mystic"…If only

Clouds stretch, yawn
as the sun's broad pink tongue
licks away the day
White winged gulls
ribbon beyond the horizon

Black birds chatter
dart through mangroves
screech good night

Stars blink sun-dust
into an ebony sky
Mr. Moon admires his reflection
in the glassy bay

Twilight, a time to reflect
life's to-do list
a list as empty as my coffee cup

I bring the wine bottle to my lips
Tomorrow's another day


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