by Susan Holm

The scene is perfect: flowers, tiles, and frame.
A woman waits, her patient smile will greet
another. Whom does she await? What name

has hope? Let’s know a greater picture, claim
her story. Where’s the figure who’ll complete
the art and understanding, fill the frame?

A man comes from a journey, brings a flame
within him. Here he’ll know his life replete
with joy if she will welcome him, to name

the hope he held. But it was just a game
for her. He was a placeholder, to meet
her needs . . . an image in a frame

to decorate her happiness, proclaim
her own perfection. When they greet,
they kiss, and she is happy now to name

it love. But can she hope and know the same
love he gives? Doubtful. Life does not repeat
perfection made and found in art, to name
the goal set here in flowers, tiles and frame.

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