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At Night

Deborah Russell


At night sometimes my shoulders ache
a weight of conflict near heartbreak
I think of you and those little ones
as this world spins round quick undone
And in the dark of night my angel comes
to bless me with strength to carry on
At night these sleepless thoughts I write
to light the candle for endless flight
I speak to God for he is always near
to keep me safe and taste my tear
I pray with all my soul and might
for peace to come and set things right
And do I care? you should not ask
but I am just a small and fragile flask
I hold a tiny dram of honesty, and yet
await a grace for truth I've not quite met
At night an awareness has grown keen
I see what others have not yet seen
Still I feel a pain down to my bones
in the wage of wars and dead unknowns
Oh God have mercy for those that weep
in this darkness now of endless sleep
At night I write my poems and words
and hope that all our pleas are heard
That to each soul that's crossed my path
peace will abide in their homes at last
That bonds of war will rust their chains
and God will bless this universe again
   03-01- 2002
This poem is dedicated to my friend and fellow poet,  Iqbal Rashid.


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