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She Waited For Him
by Chris Ingham


"She waited for him like the glow of light, and as if his face were covered. 
And he dared not lift his face to look at her." D H Lawrence, The Rainbow.


She waited for him, day after long day,
In shops, streetscapes and dappled sunlit parks.
Alone, lonely in her fearful desire,
She stood, hands unconsciously caressing
Her hair, wishing, hoping for him to come.
Occasionally he would appear and stop

To stand and talk inconsequentially.
Her eyes, lighting like the dawn's early glow,
Sought to draw him into her sphere of light;
But she saw his eyes covered in fear.
He dared not lift his face to look at her.
Then she saw that he did not have the light
Of life in him; he was like the autumn
Moon, coldly rising over the stubble
Of her being; she drew away from him
Into the coming winter of despair,
Shattered by his cold indifference.


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