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From the book:

This morning you lay veiled and absent.
I painted you a final time;
Camille, you fled
and took with you every hue.

What remains is as simple
as a broken bird,
as a clock run down.
What remains
are these dark and
flightless hours.

          –from Monet to His Wife While Winding the Sheets.

Kristin Roedell is a wife, a mother, and a retired attorney living in
western Washington. Seeing in the Dark is her first collection of
     Ms. Roedell writes in clear, uncluttered lines about universal
issues – aging, love, parenthood, and loss.  She strives to make her
poetry enjoyable for those readers who are experienced in read-
ing poetry and accessible to those who are picking up a book of
poetry in a bookstore for the first time. She has dedicated this
publication to survivors of mental illness, with whom she shares
a particular affinity.

Seeing in the Dark
by Kristin Roedell
41 pages
Available for $8.00 (US) postpaid.
Tomato Can Press
5825 Ann Arbor Ave. N.E.
Seattle WA 98105
Tomato Can Press

Front cover illustraton: Leonardo da Vinci, The Lady with an Ermine (1483)  

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