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My Last Slice of Bread
By Alana Smith

A vampire toasts the taking of
my soul with the red of my
incandescent blood.

I consigned my heart to you and
cried a glass of wine for you to

You tried to swallow,
the glass, I knew
would shatter before it touched
your lips.

I pierced my finger on a sliver of
glass and watched the blood flow
down my arm.

You stared at my pain and tossed
it over your shoulder,
I feel the ruthless energy surround me.

For you cannot feel my pain,
and you cannot taste my wine,
yet, I’d give you my last slice of bread.


I saw your mother seduce a priest
and come back for a confession.
She loved him once and played him twice,
a puppet absent the strings.

She was a hellcat on the loose,
a scamp on the run,
it was a game out of control.
Now the vice has overwhelmed you,
And I know just what’s on your mind

It’s forgiveness, forgiveness
control your sanity
forgiveness, forgiveness
what you’d do for amnesty.

The blue skies are fading
and the gray is coming near.
I see that you are raging
and your face is streaked with tears.

Don’t care what you’re hearing,
it’s only in your head
Listen when I’m saying,
I don’t care what she said . . .

forgiveness, forgiveness
purify your head
Forgiveness, forgiveness.

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