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What We Have - to Work With
by David Matthews 

I could wish to be young - again -
And for a good long time - to be,
Say, twenty-four - Except - I was -
Unforgivably - foolish - at
Twenty-four - Twenty-nine -
Thirty-two - forty-five -

What I have - to work - with -
Is this deep - foolishness -
Of life - a deep that may
Be equaled only by
The deep of my fierce sense -
That I am touched by what
Lies within these words - when
What lies within - flares -
And settles - like a gentle shade
Of night - to ease the weight
From this dark spirit -

This moment - A blink, a step
On the way to - no more - steps -
The morning mist - before
The ocean sweeps - again -
Across the shore
And washes all away -

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