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Music and Bread
by Patrick T. Randolph

Mother and Father
Are making bread in the kitchen.

Sometimes they laugh, sometimes
They are serious and silent, and sometimes
They pinch each other and play,

But they always listen to music
While making bread.

“You need good energy and good music
To make good bread.
It all goes into the dough
Making the bread what it is,” says Pops.

“You need good energy and good music
Otherwise there is no body, no taste;
The bread will not have anything to say
And it will not grin or sing.
The bread will not be alive and grow
Or have the power to do even the simplest thing.”

Good music, good bread.
Mother and Father— sometimes serious, silent,
Sometimes playing, giggling,
But always listening, listening to music,

To good music

While making bread
In the early afternoon kitchen.

From his book: Father's Philosophy


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