Tina & Her Pony
by Sharmagne Leland-St. John

Tina & her pony
Came dancin' into my back yard.
He had a look
In eyes so wise I almost swore
I'd seen that look before.
In gaucho pants
Tina danced up the winding stairs
To my front door

I unlatched the screen
& let them in
To play a hand of gin
Tina reached inside her blouse
Pulled out a bright bouquet
& handed it to me
Then she began to play.

Tina held her cards
As if they were a fan
When I looked into her eyes
I knew she had a plan.
As she stroked her silken hair
The pony sat on a nearby chair
& he began to sing
Some old cowboy song

She said he'd learned last spring.
She looked just like the
Queen of Hearts,
As she counted out the cards.

Tina didn't pick the fours
She didn't pick the queen...
She collected all the cards
That lay just in between.
When the pony's song was done
Tina had a 5-Jack run
Tina said "I win"
As she discarded
& laid down the perfect gin.
Then Tina & her pony
Danced out the door again.


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