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First Love
by Eve Worth

Hes been with me all
These years
A ghostly presence
A dream
At the back of my brain
My first love.

Now that I have seen
With my own eyes
His self-destruction,
I should let that dream go;
The remembrance of what
He once was.

But I cannot. The old
And funny man
He has become
Lodges not
Where his memory lives
But in a separate place

A place for true
Sorrow. A place
Which housed, in the past,
Only my parents
And a few close, lost

The truth of him remains
As it always has,
In his golden youth.
In the talent
And the promise
Of him.

This is the way
I shall always remember him;
His high cheekbones
His deep and liquid brown eyes
His quick
And agile mind.

He will live on
For me, ever young.
Ever handsome
Ever in love with me
Until we are both long

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