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St. John of the Spirits
by Joseph Serna

once I saw you walking your feet clad only in spirits
along the rivers of our fathers I felt you coming
in your multi-coloured skirts in your hair were many feathers
as you moved I heard the voices of the elements were singing
of the skies the hills the plains were bringing rain again to our peoples
with your eyes of woman wise you saw the helpers fill our dream~catchers
fertile were the grounds rich were the crops with herds of life spread vast as water
spilling across the lands of our hearts our souls enough to keep paradise unending
I felt you dancing the dance of spirits mighty and beautiful in their terrible mercy
forests followed in your rainbow wake the clouds were palaces grand as the sea
repeating rhythmic chants you came speaking all their many names you wove
the waves about your shining voice dwelt the sacred secrets
once I saw you walking your feet clad only in spirits...

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