by Sharmagne Leland-St. John
...after the painting Woman in a Green Room, by Robert Berény, 1927

His ashes inurned in the vase
on the table next to where she sits,
twisting the hankie in her lap...
the one she used
at his funeral to
stem the river of tears
flowing down her cheeks

The mourners have all gone home
she is once again alone with him
afraid to glance in his direction
lest the tears well up
spill over, causing her
to uncontrollably weep
as she has these past few days

She'd like to move to the couch
but it holds too many memories
when they used to cuddle together
she knows she must be brave
and get used to a life without him
but in her heart of hearts
she knows
she'll never find another cat
quite like Archie.


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