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You Left Your Light Beneath My Path
by Antoinette Kopperfield

Years before
are laid beneath painted skies
as the birds chase each other
in a swarm
and I imagine you here
once again, beside me
your voice still echoes
with the fullness of love

It is time for a new season
though it is not like all the rest
I have changed once again
while my dream gets closer
It is now within my reach
and the values
you taught me
ring in my ears once again

I shall not forget my thoughts
which are colored
like a wondrous pageant
of floral bouquets
lined up against
the white picket fence
and the pristine house
which only you, my grandma
could charm
with your open arms

I see you in my mind's eye
and it is just like
you are fluttering
like an angel with wings
and you have given me
all that I could desire

I feel your love to the fullest
because you
left your light
beneath my path...

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