White Sands

Debbie Schulze
Artist's Statement

I am forever grateful to my 8th grade Home Economics teacher
who taught me to sew. Until age 55, I used that skill off & on for
curtains, kid's costumes, and mending.   Once I was exposed to
quilting, I was immediately addicted.    I've made 144 quilts since
then, I've owned three different longarm machines, and I have a
steady business quilting for others with my longarm. With my own
quilts, I've had a go at many, many different methods, techniques,
sizes, and compositions. I enjoy not being engrained into any one
style of quilt. I love the challenge of trying a new technique! The
one thing I don't want to overhear at a quilt show is "Oh, I know
who made this."    When I hear that, I'll know I need to take an-
other deep breath and branch out to something new in the quilting



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