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  By Eddy Robey M.A.

 (In Honor of Jack and Claire Curtin)

   We are going to seek a peaceful field.
   I will take little brother's hand in mine,
   And we will find the place where pain must yield
   To blessed slumber. All the stars shall shine
   For us. There will be only gladsome dreams.
   No lonely nightmares anymore. Just this:
   Playgrounds that have slides of silver moonbeams,
   And someone gentle for a goodnight kiss,
   When day is done. No one will hurt us there.
   Gone, the daily fear, and need to struggle.
   There will be flowers, and a smile to share
   Maybe there will be a lap to snuggle.
   Oh, I would travel anywhere to feel
   A soft hand on my hair, and have it real


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