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Memory Lapse
by Eddy Robey

This evening, I had my own personal version of the "Senior Moment". My own
version because, although the phrase usually refers to forgetting something
oneself, in this instance it meant that the world had forgotten something
important to me.

I picked up the phone and there was a cheery young voice asking if I would
answer a few survey questions. Well, I'm a cooperative soul, and that started
it. After getting my age, she asked me several question about Elvis Presley.
Did I think he was a great musician? Nope. Did I think he was a good example
for people? Certainly not. Had I thought about the anniversary of his death?
Not at all.

Then came the horrible moment, when it was obvious how very old and out of
date I was. She asked who I thought was the most important figure in popular
music, and gave me several choices: Foo Fighters? Yikes, what sort of name is
that? The others were less ridiculous, but no more impressive.

None of those folks were amongst my favorites. However, I do happen to be a
die-hard fan of one performer. If he is within a hundred miles, you can find
me in the front row. Who? Smokey Robinson? Would you spell that? Who was he?

Was? You whippersnapper. Forget this survey. Let me off the phone, so I can
go listen to my record collection. Yeah, I know, you never heard of a record
or Victrola either.

There you have it. My rock and roll dreamboat is so obscure that I had to
spell his name for the survey person. Next time, I'll have another senior
moment, and forget to answer the telephone.

Copyright 2002 Eddy Robey


Eddy Robey M.A.
Author of  It's Not Just Chicken Soup       Like all
Jewish mothers, I feed everyone in sight, and have been at work in the
kitchen for over 20 years. Correspondence should be addressed to
<> and will be read as soon as the dishes are done. You can
find many of my recipes online at the  Gantseh Megillah . Please feel free
to forward this to anyone you think would enjoy it, as long as you include my

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