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The Elusive One
by Rita Milo

My darling daughter,
If you only knew that we can never go back
to what we were.
My darling daughter
Know that my loving thoughts are of you.
A mother's love never dies,
My darling daughter.
I remember the first time your tiny fists pounded
at my womb and I welcomed you.
I remember the day you burst into
my life and into the world,
My darling daughter.
As the years went and we grew together
I learned as you learned and saw the world
through your lovely large eyes,
My darling daughter.
Then the darkness came and I tried to reach you
but you eluded my grasp.
It still pervades and I cannot find you,
My darling daughter.
I know you are gone and that we can never go back
to what we were,
My darling daughter.


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