. Quill & Parchment: Javier Zorrilla Salcedo


Javier Zorrilla is distinguished by his ease with the brush whose features, free and fresh, provoke a lively
and charming recreation of landscapes, urban places and their people.

It knows how to perfectly retain the essence of a touching corner of a city, a landscape full of vegetation,
a soothing marine, a luminous and seductive beach.

The figures he frequently adds to his works, give movement and sense of reality and they provide human warmth.
They are people who are integrated in their daily rhythm of activity, who endow credibility and proximity to his subjects
of the landscape as well as to the architects.

In the terrain of figuration, he is a spontaneous painter who allows the brush to flow freely by allowing chance to
appropriate its genius, with spots that from afar slip to form fascinating frames with contagious atmospheres.
His work is bright and coloristic, his brushstroke flexible, with fast execution and decided and his paintings reveal a
singular movement that captures the real scenes of life, drawing buildings and homes that are a model of the whole.
place he immortalizes.

He enjoys lights and tones, with all the magic of transparency that allows watercolor.

He plays with the white of the paper, the pigments of the colors and the humidity, obtaining a surprising effect like final
result, where he captures and simplifies, with the wrist stroke, a moment of the life but with a special subjective touch
which fills his work of an original charm.

Javier Zorrilla Salcedo was born in Madrid. His interest and curiosity in the art of painting, led him to perfect his skills
with the painters Jose Luis Ferrer and Teresa Muñiz and the Circle of Fine Arts of Madrid.

He is a member of the Spanish Collective of Painters and Sculptors of Spain.
Vice President of AGUADA, professor of watercolor in the studio Arte 14, both in Madrid.

He has participated in more than 100 group exhibitions and has been selected in numerous national and international

He has been chosen to represent the Spanish Collectif of watercolors in international watercolor biennials in Mexico,
Colombia, Italy, Spain, France, Canada, Finland, Norway, Korea ...

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