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A Prayer from the Flowers
by Eddy Robey

Forget Me Nots

A gentle gaze, meant only for their lord.

Bright blue, and open to the sky above.

Clear, and ever full of hope, they look toward

Heaven. "Do please, remember us with love,"

They pray for all the children of the Earth.

Oh you, who have created many stars,

We mortals do so oft neglect the worth

Of gentleness between us. There are bars

Upon our windows, many bolted doors,

And fences 'round the meadows. Hear our need.

Let mercy heal the many painful sores:

In hearts all full of fear, and thoughtless greed.

These blossoms are the sweet, beseeching eyes,

Our world turns, to the master of the skies

A Flower for Peace


Hashem's own mighty mace of power.

A blooming fragrant torch to light meadows,

And mountainsides. Gleam throughout a shower,

Of Autumn raindrops, and dispel shadows.

The flaming lamp of holy wisdom, bright

With all mankind's dearest aspirations

To beauty, will guide poor mortals on right

Paths, and keep us from the low temptations

Which endanger any promise of peace.

This splendor glistens over hill and field.

Burns, to remind warmakers that our lease

On Earth is short. All hate must someday yield

Its ephemeral vigor to the grave.

Love is the only treasure we can save.

2001, by Eddy robey


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