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One Hand Clapping
by Jeanne Marie Spicuzza

"What is the sound of one hand clapping?"
– Zen Koan

It defies all reason
this one hand clapping

the sound of
a Nazi salute
(Hitler wasn't the only monster
to tarnish our history)

the sound of
realizing our fate
a father losing his son
a melody done
a child huddled in fear
a mother screaming
in anguish,
her baby's face
blown off

there is no destruction of the enemy
only destruction of ourselves

the echo of a race
the sound of
once was
peeling skin color
and differences
drifting away
out of body
what is left

only one

the sound of
a person

the sound of
the sound of
greed and pride

it is silence

one hand clapping
defies all reason

one hand clapping,
the other,
a clenched fist
and closed heart
turning its back
on humanity


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