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A Message For The New Year
by Eddy Robey


When it is the custom to ask forgiveness from any we may have offended

It is a time to bring sweetness into our hearts, the season of forgiveness and new beginnings.

During the last year, we have seen each other at our best and worst. Through celebrations and mourning, we stood together, as companions and witnesses.

As we view our relationships, let us ask not if we were wrong, but only if we have given offense. Perhaps our actions were reasonable and our intentions good, but we have caused pain, however inadvertently.

Now is the hour for faith and a gentle spirit. Let go of the guilt and grudges. Ask and grant the pardon we seek from G-d.

If I have harmed anyone, please forgive me. It is my prayer that we face our NewYear together in peace. May the words written of us in the book of life be kind ones.

BlessYou All.


What will there be to say when life is done?

Will there be any monument to end,

The chronicle of our brief hours? If one

Thing may be told, some little tale to lend

Gentleness to the memory of how

We passed our years,then life may be worthwhile.

Is there a kindness we may do right now?

Small, but caring, act to cause a smile

Upon another face. Then do it soon,

Before the moment passes. Every chance

Is brief. Our days are as the changing moon,

All aspects quickly gone. Oh, let our glance

Fall upon each other,and see the ways

We may speak love, before we end our days

Copyright 2001 Eddy Robey
These are excerpts from

It's Not Just Chicken Soup.


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