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When Geese Fly
by Deborah Russell

 We will gather wild blue flowers on the shore
In adoration of sun rises we shall implore
the meanings of dreams and words of ocean's roar
While poetry will write itself as it did before

When geese fly with the mourning dove
and westward sun lowers ashore to set
Where gulls and ospreys soar above
And fisherman, at last, bring up their net

Then stars begin to cast the twilight scene
Beneath the moon and in it's lovely beam
And peace shall bridge the turquoise seas
Where you and I will write love harmonies

And from the break of clouds the rainbow mist
will color in our hearts a most wondrous gift
an openness to quiet beauty and subtleness
as a dip of winged flight's known gentle caress

Upon our hands, the glow of golden sun does lace
a poem, a psalm upon our lips and find it's place
to dwell among pink sea grasses and amber sand
what exemplifies the beauty given earth and man

And in the tides that rise and fall to sea
for sun and moon, our words to sing eternally

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