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Autumn to Winter
By E.W. Richardson

The last midnight in autumn.
A moment between seasons.
The last leaves whisper, dreaming
Of brook and crickets singing.
Of spring rains and summer sun.

A tick of the clock.

And winter arrives, yawning.


What The Leaves Told Me
By E.W. Richardson

Leaves in shades
of red and yellow
whisper to me
as I walk...
some swirl about my feet
then race forward on the wind.
Winter is fast approaching...
the eternal cycle of the seasons
is evident in each leaf
and in the eyes
laughter and smiles
I hear and see
as I stride along.
special times
of reunions
and stories both old and new...
and perhaps a few tears,
some a little sad for things lost,
some a little happy for things gained,
but all quenching those parched
areas of one's soul,
washing away the debris
and nurturing the growth
of new blossoms
which fill a life with bright colors
and sweet fragrance.

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