April  Vol. 10

Our April issue arrives celebrating spring and rebirth.


Our guest Poet for April  is a Professor of Art Cinematography as well as 
Screenwriting and Visual Literacy at the University of Illinois at Urbana
Champaign.  His poem "Muralist" was written in 1974  and was used as a 
narration in the movie he made, by the same title.  It was selected 9th out 
of 400 entries at the Bolinas, CA Poetry Film Festival.  We proudly offer it 
to our readers.
by Julius Rascheff



This poem was written last year after experiencing racial tension, and has  
been published in an Anthology called The Silence Within as well as having 
been recorded on a 3 disc set of poetry called The Spoken Word.
I Will Dance For You
by Sharmagne Leland-St.John



This poem originally published in  Jang International Newspaper, in the arts
section known as Tapestry, was written in response to a sonnet by Urdu poet,
Muhammad Navid Ahmed, inspired too, by Omar Khayyam, Yeats and life.
Among The Vines
by Deborah Russell



Our resident Love Poet  remembers a dream he had in
As I Wandered in the Streets
 by Marc Power


Inspired by his Year 7 English class, many of whom became fascinated with
hawks and falcons after studying Barry Hines' novel "Kes".  Chris also 
became fascinated and started to actually take note of the hawks which fly
free around where he lives. He then decided to add another dimension by also
making it a love poem.
Flying Free
by Chris Ingham



Inspired by Springsteen's Thunder Road....and an empty highway in Utah on a
late July afternoon.
And We Drove
by Janet Leister


Janet wants her  work to leave a mental image, much like a painting in which
the words are brushstrokes. She has had the "pearl" metaphor in mind for a
while, and it just all came together for her one day as it sometimes does.
Desire and Silence
by Janet Leister



An impressionistic view of a moment or two at most, and how much we are
during that time.
by Kevyn Clark


David Matthews returns with poetic instructions on
How to Make a Poem
by  David Matthews


Pam Johnson returns with her second submission a lesson on the Alphabet 
Alpha Beta Chi
by Pam Johnson



This months challenge was to create a poem using already published book
titles. Adding as few extra words or sentences as necessary. And so far the
Submissions are:

Sharmagne Leland-St.John



This tasty pudding, a Native American favorite during Colonial times,
was probably served at the first Thanksgiving.
Sautauthig/Cornmeal Blueberry Pudding
from the kitchen of Sharmagne Leland-St.John



It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Richard Sylbert,
husband of our editor-in-chief, Sharmagne, on March 23, 2002.

For more information about Richard Sylbert please click here

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