May Issue   Vol 11

Letter to the Editor
Every once in a while we get a reader's comment worth printing, to share with
our readers, as well as with our poets.  We are pleased to share with you
Lest We Forget.
by Mark Clarke

Guest poet and first time contributor Jonathan weighs in with
Six Haiku
by Jonathan Palevsky



A meditation composed from memory fragments of old films and the vision of
one of who would live for art.

Poet of Impossible Love
by David Matthews


An unsung song written to a  great, but absent love.  Because  our dreams
were different, we spent so much of our time together, apart!
All He's Left Me
By Sharmagne Leland-St.John
Love is always greater than it's impossibilities.
Infinity On Fingers
by Deborah Russell


In a deeply symbolic, poetic flight,  our "Love Poet" illuminates a gift of
The Butterfly Færy Lord
 by Marc Power


Love as a mirage, a fantasy, can affect one the same way as real love.
A Sonnet
by Christopher Ingham


Quiet Sea Gull returns with an introspective backward look.
In My Room
by Quiet Sea Gull



Kaila Chan invites you to share in her special relationship with her daughter.
I Can Picture Her Now
by Kaila Chan



Just in time for Mother's Day,  Rita Milo shares with us some nostalgic
childhood memories with
Ree Remembers
by RitaMilo



A quick and easy to prepare recipe that will make you want to lick the plate!
From the kitchen of Sharmagne Leland-St. John
Four Herb Turkey


Graphics by Sara Wadington

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